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1 DEAD 19 Injured By Dodge Charger That SLAMMED Into a Crowd Of People In Virginia

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There has been one person killed and nineteen more seriously injured after a White Nationalist driving a Dodge Charger plowed into a large group of people being dispersed from a protest that had been deemed unlawful in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The protest that was over a dispute regarding the planned removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee had been previously planned and was to take place at the Emancipation Park in historic Charlottesville, Virginia.

Virginia State Police had to begin disbursing the crowd with megaphones, declaring the gathering an “Unlawful Assembly” at approximately 11:40 a.m, some 20 minutes before the protest was to officially begin.

The disbursement began after some 500 protesters made up of White Nationalist, Alt-Right groups, Counter-Protesters, Neo-Nazis, and supporters of Black Lives Matter began throwing bottles and clashing with one another.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe wasted no time declaring a State of Emergency so local authorities would have all the resources immediately available necessary to quell any disturbances. The Virginia National Guard was placed on standby.

The clashes were mainly between white nationalist and anti-fascist groups and the worse trouble began as the crowds moved toward the park where General Robert E. Lee’s statue is located.

At one point protesters were removing and using the wooden and metal poles their flags were affixed to as weapons against one another while those without poles to use as a weapon threw whatever trash they could find as well as bottles and cans into the opposing crowd of protesters.

The crowds that formed on either side of the square were holding up anti-fascist signs and Black Lives Matter banners on one side while those on the opposite side displayed Confederate Battle Flags and Iron Cross banners.

Some spectators are said to have observed groups of people being bussed in by a fleet of white vans and many of the protesters were clearly prepared for things to turn violent. many of them wore motorcycle helmets and flak jackets and would charge into crowds holding plastic riot shields in front of them for protection.

Authorities in Charlottesville, Virginia seemed well prepared for everything except the Dodge Charger that plowed into the crowd. Some witnesses said the vehicle initially approached slowly past some road blocks with many believing it was a police vehicle. When the vehicle got closer to the crowd it accelerated ramming into a large group of people and rear ending another vehicle. The Charger is said to have backed up two or three times taking additional runs at the crowd, then sped away in reverse for several blocks then turning away as the police initiated a pursuit.

The authorities in Charlottesville apparently were concerned this rally could be problematic and tried to revoke the permit, but a Judge ruled the city was attempting to deny the permit based on the content of speech and cleared the way for the event to take place.

President Trump released the following comments via social media and as one might expect, he is being criticized for everything from not being forceful enough to being too forceful. Others are blaming him for the riots calling him and his Cabinet racist bigots, etc.,… They are ALL wrong.

This nationwide movement to remove ALL historical markers because there has been a generation of misinformed and uninformed limp wristed wussies—frequently referred to as snowflakes—WILL have serious consequences in the future. There is tremendous TRUTH to the old adage that those who ignore the lessons taught by history are doomed to repeat them. American, like all nations frankly, has suffered through her unique trials and tribulations, but unlike many nations, we have shown an amazing ability to identify and rectify our mistakes in record time. Where other older, more mature nations have taken hundreds of years to evolve through the various stages of their history, America has done so in mere decades in comparison.

We must NOT ignore our history, we must NOT hide our history, we must NOT forget our history, but most importantly we must NOT live in or dwell on our history…

As sunset nears in Virginia the authorities in Charlottesville, Virginia are working hard to avert any problems after the sun sets. Pray for our fellow Americans and PLEASE, it is fine to disagree with one another, but it is important to respect one another too…

Be kind to strangers because those who have entertained strangers may have entertained Angels…

e Pluribus Unum Out of many, ONE

SemperFi, AMERICA!

SemperFi, ~SGT A~

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—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

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SemperFi, SGT A

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