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ACTIVE SHOOTER Takes Hostages At Home For Veterans

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A man at a home for veterans in Yountville, California has exchanged shots with police and taken a reported three hostages.

At approximately 10:45 a.m. a young man dressed in black wearing a bulletproof vest is said to have walked into what is said to be the largest Veterans Home in California that currently houses about one-thousand Veterans from every war since WWII. The Veterans Home in Yountville, California is also one of the oldest Veterans Homes in the United States with a history that begins in 1884.

The Nappa County Sheriff’s Office is urging resident’s in the area to avoid going near the Veterans Home and others have been told to shelter in place.

The police reportedly know who the gunman is and he is said to be isolated in one room. The shooter has fired some twenty to thirty shots at the Police but no one has been hit. SWAT Teams and Hostage Negotiators are on scene and several unsuccessful attempts to contact the shooter via his cell phone have failed.

It is unknown exactly how many Veterans who reside at the home are inside, but many of them are elderly bedridden veterans. A number of ambulances are standing by to handle any emergency medical needs that may arise.

No one is certain what the shooter is armed with but some have reported that the rifle he was carrying had a scope mounted on it.

Time is on the side of the police in a hostage situation like this so as long as the shooter does not decide to leave the room he is holding up in and start shooting the elderly resident’s that are unable to evacuate the situation will hopefully come to a peaceful and safe conclusion.

The possibility of suicide or suicide by cop are high though but God willing the veterans he is holding hostage may be able to reason with him.

Reports are that the shooter does have a mental health history the police are aware of.

I will update you when the situation is resolved.

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