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AR-15 In The Crosshairs Again, The Latest Hairbrained Idea From The Moonbats


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As usual, following the mass shooting in Texas this week that ended with 27 people dead, including the shooter, the gun control sorts in the mainstream media have taken aim at the AR-15 rifle. This time, though, they’ve come up with a scare tactic so ludicrous even makers of slasher movies are going to laugh.

A video in USA Today warns Americans against, get this, AR-15s with chainsaw bayonets.

Yes, this is Texas, but to massacre with a chainsaw requires a completely different sort of arm motion than shooting a rifle.

The intention of the presentation is to warn Americans away from not simply the rifles, but the aftermarket modifications. It is pretty obvious, though, that whoever thought this up has never used either a rifle or a chainsaw.

The video highlighted modifications and accessories that are in no way common on AR-15 rifles and exist primarily for novelty’s sake, like adding a 12-gauge shotgun to the AR-15. Modifications like a 12-gauge shotgun or a chainsaw (which no one uses, and are sold virtually nowhere) are expensive and add a significant amount of weight to the rifle, making it nearly unusable for many recreational shooters.

Honestly, it’s like the anti-gun lobby is just making stuff up. That isn’t the problem so much as is the number of people who believe that these sorts of modifications are in any way actually usable. Fortunately, a good number of people on social media called out USA Today on their lunatic ideas.

(Some of the modification ideas from posters on Twitter were not suitable for a family audience.)

As usual, when the anti-gun people try to scare the living daylights out of the American people as to the danger of weapons themselves apart from the people pulling the triggers, the USA Today video displayed more stupidity and ignorance than actual practical information. These people really should just give it up. They can not like guns all they want, but in Texas this week the bad guy with a gun was stopped by a good guy with a gun.

It’s not the guns themselves that are the problem.



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