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BREAKING: Twitter Reverses Decision To Block Senate Candidate’s Pro-Life Video Ad


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OUTSTANDING! The people spoke and Twitter listened… Just one day after Twitter pulled the Tennessee Senate Candidate Marsha Blackburn’s pro-life video ad stating that it was “inflammatory and likely to provoke a strong negative reaction.” In other words, it pissed off a few liberals!

Well, between last night and not too long ago this evening, Twitter, like the NFL woke up to the reality that over half of their fan base is in that deplorable basket Hillary spoke about during her failed campaign and when we quit spending money they lose money… 🙂

There was no BS excuse or explanation from Twitter why they reversed their decision on the video ad, they just notified the Marsha Blackburn Campaign that they could promote the video as an ad campaign as is… I guess pro-life suddenly lost its ability to provoke an inflammatory and negative reaction… LOL

What would be really great is if Facebook and Google would cease acting like the nations moral compass too and of course pray that this is the beginning of Twitter allowing content that does not adhere to their liberal beliefs.

There is a huge difference between “fake news” and news liberals do not agree with. While these

While these are all private companies and can do what they please, since they dominate the industry in a huge way, they should permit ALL opinions and ideas to be expressed.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do NOT need anyone to filter the advertising I see and the Russians are more than welcome to waste their time putting their propaganda in front of me… I have NEVER relied on political ads regardless of what party is running them because they are all full of fluff and bull dung. For my government to think that my vote could be swayed by a propaganda ad is an insult to my intelligence.

I lived in Beijing, China for 2 years in the mid 80’s and was surrounded by communist propaganda literally on every street corner and everywhere you looked they were reading their little red Mao book.

Am I walking around in a green or blue Mao suit today promoting communist ideas and turning my neighbor in for speaking ill of the President? NO!

When it comes to my vote I did past the fluffy ads and look at voting records if the served in the congress or senate. I watch how they treat people, ALL people. When they shake the hand of a waitress do they smile and close the gap in an inviting and friendly way, or are they reaching as far as possible with their nose up in the air and a look of disgust on their face trying to convince everyone they relate to the common man.

Anyway, chalk up another WIN for the conservative Republicans against Twitter! We already won against the NFL, once they saw the cash flow start to slow down they started to sing a different tune… At least the owners and managers did. If the players want to know what it is like playing for minimum wage, they should keep the knee thing up the rest of the season, then they7 can negotiate contracts with a few less zero’s

Stay vigilant everyone! Don’t be deceived… Verify everything before doing or saying anything… There is a good chance the party will become even stronger since it looks like Pelosi is hanging around and Feinstein is running again at 84 years of age…

Thank God the republican party is nothing but old white men… LOL

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