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Dianne Feinstein Wants It Both Ways

Dianne Feinstein

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This war of words between the White House and Senator Dianne Feinstein is getting absolutely ridiculous – and DiFi just doesn’t get what President Donald Trump is up to. Oh, no. Rather than ignore the pretty blatant fake news and/or canary trap of him calling nations known as “third world” $#@!holes as leaked from an anonymous source to the Washington Post, the member of the gang of eight who actually made a pretty improper leak of her own this week, jumped at the bait.

Dianne Feinstein tweeted the following this afternoon: “If the president can’t control himself and lead this country with the authority, dignity and leadership it requires, then he shouldn’t be the president. There’s no room for racism in the Oval Office.”

This from the woman who tainted her own committee’s investigation into Fusion GPS and their role in the production of the Russia Russia Russia dossier by releasing a closed door testimony from that investigation to the public in its entirety WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE ELSE ON THE COMMITTEE SHE WAS GOING TO DO THAT. She blamed her lack of judgement on a fuzzy head due to a bad cold, but now that the cat is out of the bag, and other people who have yet to be interviewed by the committee have their talking points, any further investigation will yield no one trapped in word games. Essentially, she scuttled the whole project.

But, here’s the catch: in American politics, no one is used to a president who hits back, and hits back harder than the initial slap in the face, and lefties like Bill Palmer hate it.

Donald Trump has been hurling one vicious and dishonest attack at Dianne Feinstein after another. For instance, he tried to distract from his Haiti scandal last night by tweeting “Democrat Dianne Feinstein should never have released secret committee testimony to the public without authorization. Very disrespectful to committee members and possibly illegal. She blamed her poor decision on the fact she had a cold – a first!”

A war of words is exactly what is going on in the swamp as the left grabbed Friday’s fake news with both hands and are refusing to let go, or realize that many of the refugees coming to America really are $#@!holes. No, they’re headed for the racism bandwagon on a steaming, smelly pile of self-righteousness.

This came after Trump told members of Congress yesterday that he doesn’t want immigrants coming from (black) countries like Haiti because they’re “shithole countries” and he’d rather have immigrants from (white) countries like Norway.

Stick it where the sun don’t shine, lefties. For some reason (cough Clinton Foundation cough), Trump wanted Haiti back in the news and labelled a $#@!hole. On that, mission accomplished…and there is no concrete evidence that Trump ever actually called the poor, and unfortunate nation by that invective. There’s also no evidence that he wants immigrants from Norway.

That isn’t stopping the show, though.



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