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Father Shows Up At Daughter’s Rapist House: Goes BEAST MODE


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An irate father got his revenge on his 13-year-old daughter’s rapist, after coincidentally arriving to 32-year-old Dustin Moffat’s home, just as news crews had arrived at the same location to cover the story.

Father of girl who was raped by Dustin Moffat smashes car

After learning that the man had raped his daughter multiple times, videotaped it and uploaded it to the internet, the enraged man climbed on the top of the SUV, where he then proceeded to smash the windows with a hammer, while screaming in a rage about the violence the man inflicted upon his daughter.

The assaults on the unnamed man’s daughter began in 2011 after Moffat would allegedly stalk and wait for the girl to get off the school bus. He would then force her into his home and rape her while threatening that if she told of the incident, that he would hurt her family.  According to the girl’s complaint, the man would also choke and spit on her.

Dustin Moffat

Police arrested Moffat on Tuesday, after piecing together evidence from the videos of the rape the man had uploaded to the internet site Mocospace, a mobile game community. Through their investigation, they were also able to identify the victim.

Neighbors who knew Moffat, were mortified that this went on right underneath their noses.

Micki Golden and Steve Patton who have twin 12-year-old daughters said,

“I’m appalled. He lives right there. No, I can’t have that,” Golden said.

“We’re not friends with the guy. He seems like a normal Joe. You always hear that on the news. I had no sixth sense about it. Nothing like that,” Patton stated.

Moffat is being held in a Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania jail, and is currently faces charges of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault and sexual exploitation of children.

Police believe there are more victims.

Luckily for this girl, her attacker was dumb enough to upload his crimes to the internet, otherwise, who knows how many more years of abuse this poor child would have been forced to endure. Hopefully this monster is locked away for life so he can never hurt anyone again. I think a little side dish of prison justice would be in order too.

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