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FBI Agents Raid Trump’s Campaign Manager’s Home


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On July 26th during the pre-dawn hours, FBI Ageny’s under the supervision and direction of Special Council Robert Mueller executed a search warrant on Paul Manafort’s residence in Alexandria, Virginia.

Reports just being released are those FBI Agents seized documents and other material from the residence.

The search warrant is said to have been broad sweeping though no one has seen it as of yet. Search warrants are not supposed to be used for fishing expeditions though and typically are required to state specifically what the agents are looking for.

Mr. Manafort had just voluntarily met with the Senate Intelligence Committee the day before and is said to have been fully cooperating with investigators, making it even more suspicious how they managed to justify they had probable cause for the need to issue a search warrant as opposed to a subpoena.

Some suspect that this is Robert Mueller’s way of trying to intimidate future potential witnesses of others involved, or that find themselves involved in the middle of his witch hunt.

Clearly, Robert Mueller is cranking up the intensity of his investigation as the intensity of the calls for him to recuse himself increases.

It looks like President Trump may have another war to deal with at the same time North Korea is showing signs of leaving us no choice but to trade blows with them, following a threat to invade the Pacific Island of Guam.

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  1. Another LAME attempt by the Democrats to get our President OUT of the White House!! As for Kim, that fat turd, let him try! He will VERY SORRY if he tries an invasion! Our boys will destroy that fat piece-of-shit! We will destroy that punk if he tries ANYTHING! We should have done that long ago!

  2. Just found this site. Love it… and thank you. For all you have done and continue to do to help keep us safe. May God Bless and keep you.

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