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Female Marines Will Sleep Next To Male Marines In The Field — NO Special Quarters!

General Barrow women in combat

Female Marines Will Sleep Next To Male Marines In The Field — NO Special Quarters!


The Marine Corps has announced that female Marines will not be provided with any special accommodations when training in the field. They will be required to sleep next to their male counterparts in the same miserable conditions and squat over the same hole the males do when the urge strikes them. There is no privacy in the field… For anyone.

women in combat

When Marines are in the field, they can end up sleeping in anything from a large single room shelter with dozens of cots placed anywhere a spot can be found, under a tarp tied to a few trees, or nothing at all. Nothing at all is the most common accommodation you will find when on training exercises in the field.

1st Battalion, 8th Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina is the first gender-integrated Marine infantry battalion.

female marines

In Garrison female Marines have private rooms and bathrooms in their living quarters, and female bathrooms have been added to buildings where Marines work. Maj. Charles Anklam III, executive officer for 1st Battalion, 8th Marines at Camp Lejeune, said that female Marines will be expected to share any living spaces with male squad members in the field though to keep unit cohesion and replicate battlefield conditions.


“We’re not changing our tactical posture or changing how we operate to accommodate the inclusion of female Marines,” Anklam said.

1st Battalion, 8th Marines received received their first three female Marines in January, marking the first time the Marine Corps has put women in a ground combat unit, that has historically been open only to men… They say you could hear Chesty Puller’s statute at the Marine Corps Museum roar in anger. The three females will fill the following, one is a rifleman, one a machine gunner, and one a mortar Marine.

Female Marines have deployed to conflict zones in the past and have shared tents with their male counterparts. This marks the first time though that female Marines will be doing so during their regular training with their combat unit.

female marines in combat

This is the directive put in place at the end of 2015, finally being implemented.  This comes after years of debate that began way before Obama came along. The issue would rise and fall with elections. When a Democrat was in the White House, they were trying to get women in combat units… When a Republican was in the White House, you never heard talk of such a thing.

I will never forget a reporter asking Ash Carter why they decided to allow women in Marine Corps Combat Ground Units, when the Marine Corps recommendations, including that of his Chief of Staff, General Dunford, were against doing so. His response was, I came to a different conclusion.

Hearing him say that at that press conference still ticks me off… I really would like to know what experience it was he based his conclusion on… Was it his years at Harvard, or perhaps his memories of playing with his GI Joe while his nanny was spanking him.

female m

I don’t care how you feel about this. Every combat hardened Marine Corps General who has ever been confronted with the issue of allowing female Marines in combat units has advised against it. I will go with their advice over some Harvard grad that probably had body guards to fight for him since he was in elementary school.

In 1992, General Barrow, the 27th Commandant of the Marine Corps testified before congress on this topic. General Barrow had led Marines in combat in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam… In my opinion he is someone I would consider an expert on Marines in combat. He was in the Chosin Reservoir with Chesty Puller in the Korean war.

300x300 gen_barrow_lg

In his testimony I have included below, he said a couple of things worth noting. One, he said had there been women with them in the Chosin Reservoir, he doubts any of them would have survived. Two, he told congress if you allow women in Marine Corps combat units, you may very well accomplish what no enemy has been able to in 200 years… Defeat the Marine Corps.

In 1988, they tried to put women in combat ground units during General Gray’s command and he flat out told them to pound sand. This is what he had to say:

“There’s only one person that’s responsible for the total well being of your Marines. It’s not Mr. Carlucci, it’s not Mr. Ball (Navy Secretary William L. Ball III).. . . It’s me. I am the one that will make these kinds of decisions, always–or you can get another commandant.”

I pray, for the sake of our country, and for the sake of ALL Marines, male or female, that these extraordinarily experienced Marine Generals were wrong… I would put my money on them though and would have taken their advice where the security of the nation and lives of Marines, ALL Marines are concerned.

What is your view on this topic? Let me know in the comment section.  SemperFi

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/fy–whDNNKk” align=”center” title=”General Barrow on women in combat” description=”General Barrow on women in combat” upload_date=”2017-01-28″ maxwidth=”680″/]


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3 Comments on "Female Marines Will Sleep Next To Male Marines In The Field — NO Special Quarters!"

  1. there are no special quarters in the field and you need not worrie your selfs about these women cuz they are trained Marines you might call them female Marines but I call them HEROES and so should all of you

  2. I don’t believe women belong in combat positions. Its all fun and games until they start coming home in body bags.

    • You are not alone, if you read the article and watched the video, then you know that every experienced combat General over the at least the past 50 years since it has been being discussed strongly recommended against it… Ash Carter, the Harvard Grad who has probably never spent a night camping in his parents back yard, much less had to hump a couple hundred pounds of gear day in and day out, somehow came to a different conclusion that the Marines did…

      As General Barrow said in his 1992 testimony before Congress, it has nothing to do with the women not being brave, many have performed valiantly under fire over the years when they have been caught in the middle. I don’t think there is any doubt that “some” women can meet the standards, “some” have already proven they can, but one has to ask if it is worth the expense and trouble to open up the jobs when only one out of a thousand can actually meet the standards to complete the training? And when training in garrison, if they need to go to sick bay, or get bad cramps or migraines when that time of the month rolls around and have to be pulled out of training it’s no big deal, but what if they end up in the conditions General Barrow referred to in his testimony in a place like the Chosin Reservoir where the snow was knee deep, the temperature was -25 before the wind chill factor, and they were surrounding by 8 Chinese Divisions with a long walk out carrying their dead and wounded. Men don’t want to do that, why in the hell would a woman? LOL

      The other thing never talked about are the long term effects it had on ones body. I have never met a Marine that spent any time humping with a pack torturing their body the way young Marines do when they think and feel like they are invincible that does not hurt when they wake up and have bad knees, and ankles. Most have had a couple knee or back surgeries by 40. I needed both my hips replaced before 50 and had knee surgery in my later 20’s. Believe me, those young ladies may feel good about their accomplishment when they are young if they make it into a combat arms MOS, but everyone of them will regret it when their youth starts fading in the rear view mirror.

      Then there is that one last question… Is America really ready to see their daughters, mothers, sisters, and wives coming home is flag draped caskets in mass quantity? We have been fortunate in the war on terror, though I hate using that word to explain this, because one life is one too many, but could America handle those young ladies returning dozens at a time, or hundreds at a time in casket filled C-130’s like we saw during the Vietnam war? Do we really want a wall with 58K names of mothers and daughters etched in it? Seems wrong to me.

      In closing, people often refer to Israel when the women in combat debate comes up. Their women are trained for combat just like ours, but they learned back in the 50’s that fully integrating them with ground combat units was a bad idea and put an end to it.

      Oh well, we are on the path to find out. We will just have to pray for them and hope the liberal social experiment does not end too bad.

      Thanks for commenting and supporting my page, I really do appreciate it!

      SGT A

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