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FOX News Host Eric Bolling Slams Accuser With $50 Million Civil Suit!

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Fox News Host Eric Bolling who was recently suspended after Yashar Ali, a freelance writer for the HuffPost, wrote a defamatory article claiming that “years ago” Eric Bolling had sent emails to a number of female coworkers with pictures of his genitalia.

As is common with liberal reporters of late Yashar claims that a number of confidential sources had come forward with this information, but of course he can not name a single one of the alleged 14 sources that he spoke with.

Well, this liberal reporter may have messed with the wrong Fox Host this time, he might have fared better jumping on the take down O’Reilly train. Within just a few days of Eric Bolling being suspended, he has served Yashar Ali with a summons.

The summons was filed Wednesday in New York State Court seeking damages and injunctive relief arising from Mr. Ali’s efforts to injure Eric Bolling’s reputation through “intentional and/or highly reckless publication of actionable false and misleading statements” about his conduct and character.

“The relief sought includes, but is not limited to, reputational damages, monetary damages, special damages, cost, fees, injunctive relief and such other relief as is just and proper, in an amount not less than $50 million,” as stated in the filing with the court on Wednesday.

I hope Yashar’s freelance jobs pay well, $50 million is going to take him a heck of a long time to pay off on $30k a year… LOL


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