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Ignorance Of Firearms May Land Liberal Congressional Candidate In Jail


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The best intentions always seem to go awry.

That should be the lessons learned by all virtue signaling snowflakes who seek to “destroy” a rifle by sawing off the barrel. If there are any liberal morons reading this and for the benefit of others that may not be aware, it is against the law to possess a long arm with a barrel shorter than 18 inches. Most people have heard somewhere along the way in their lives, thanks to Hollywood, that “sawed-off shotguns” are illegal, but few seem to know that the law covers any barrel under 18 inches.

Before any of the liberal geniuses that might read this start telling me handguns have barrels less than 18 inches, please note I said long arms… That encompasses rifles and shotguns, NOT handguns. LOL

The law didn’t stop one Virginia Democrat from playing with man tools.

Democrat Karen Mallard, a teacher who has spent 30 years in the classroom, is running for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District against Republican Congressman Scott Taylor.

Following the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Mallard decided to destroy an AR-15 that she claims her husband purchased a while back, saying in dramatic fashion, “I told him, I wanted this gun out of my house!”

Mallard proceeded to try to destroy the rifle by cutting most of the barrel off with a saw, which did not destroy the rifle, rather, she created a short-barreled rifle, which is a National Firearms Act (NFA) regulated item. Thousands of people have commented on the video on her Facebook page, mocking her and pointing out that she may have broken the law with her actions.


Remember, ignorance of the law is not a valid defense when being prosecuted for a crime.

So, just think of it, in the process of virtue signaling and making a point about destroying firearms at home, someone running for office committed a crime – and not only is there a video out on the internet for everyone to see, the Virginia Beach police have the firearm and evidence of the crime.

Yeah, planning brilliance does not seem to be a snowflake virtue signaling strong suit.



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