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The Absolutely INFURIATING Reason Sex Scandals Rarely Rock The U.S. Capitol

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Now that the tip of the sexual perversion, and sex scandal iceberg by those with money and power, both real and imagined, has been exposed, anyway, if not reported by investigators, Americans who follow the swamp dealings in Washington, D.C., are expecting far more crap to hit the fan. Rumors have circulated for years that a significant portion of the American government could be implicated if sexual abuse was ever seriously pursued as a news story.  After all, we now know there is a slush fund of sorts for payouts to staffers who are harassed, or something. (As usual, there were no names attached to the spreadsheet table that surfaced with the number of payouts and the amounts settled for the last twenty years.)

Well, now word is floating on the gaseous swamp air that the ladies of Capitol Hill, actually, could spill a lot more. See, they have an informal network that maintains what is known as a “creep list.” These are the Congresscritters and upper level staffers no woman should ever find herself with alone in an elevator, late night meetings, conference room, broom closet, car, or any other cozy space where dangerous liasons can develop. In addition, there is an unwritten code that the ladies pass down with every new Congress. Beware the Congressmen who sleep in their offices, and any event where alcohol is flowing.

“A lot of it has to do with being in a place where people who have power try to exert it to get what they want,” one Senate staffer said, adding that a lot of the most egregious examples happen “on the cocktail circuit” — where powerful men intermingle with younger staffers outside of the Capitol.

It’s “people using their power without any self-control,” a former House staffer said. “There are a lot of tales of these guys going out and behaving very badly with younger staffers.”

According to CNN, when they interviewed several staffers, one name surfaced often, but the reporter did not name the man – and the report makes it sound like the harassers are all men. So why does news about inappropriate sexual encounters and harassment never seem to come to light unless there is an election pending where the frontrunner is someone the globalist swamp things don’t want elected? Congress gave themselves a pass in the form of a reporting system that makes a Rube Goldberg mousetrap look simple.

…we don’t hear anything about sexual harassment on Capitol Hill thanks to a 1995 law which sets up an arcane process which requires accusers to undergo a month of counseling if they want to take someone to court. Victims of harassment or assault often don’t even know the process exists because there is no HR department in Congress to inform them.

If an accuser does manage to find their way to the Office of Compliance and make a complaint, they can eventually receive a settlement paid for by the taxpayers. A special fund has paid out 260 settlements totaling $15 million over the past 20 years. The fund handles all types of workplace discrimination issues, so the percentage of that total paid to victims of sexual harassment or misconduct is unknown.

Counseling and mediation is automatically invoked when someone makes a complaint that may be criminal in nature? And this was done in 1995, the year of the Republican tidal wave during Bill Clinton’s presidency? Well, isn’t that interesting. Republicans had the majority when the law was passed. And that’s not all. According to the reports, complaints do not make it past the Office of Compliance, and very often the victim is paid hush money.

Just what are the Congresscritters on Capitol Hill trying to hide?

In the end, anyone who has been in the workplace knows, to an extent. All of us have worked in places where men overstep, and crack jokes that are inappropriate. Some of us have even had to endure the crap from patrons and clients. However, most of those people are not public servants who are abusing privilege. That is the scandal aside from the cover up that is being shielded from public transparency, and a law that exempts Congress from the rules the rest of us have to follow. And that is despicable.

There have always been women who sleep their way to the top, and in Congress, among the actual representatives and their staffs, it happens. However, not all women are like that, and the sooner the ladies of Capitol Hill start actually naming names on the Creep list – which has been in circulation for decades, meaning some of the perverts have been in Congress for decades – the better off everyone will be.

In an environment with “so many young women,” said one ex-House aide, the men “have no self-control.” “Amongst ourselves, we know,” a former Senate staffer said of the lawmakers with the worst reputations.

It would make all the difference in the world if these women would tell the rest of us.



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