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The Great Debate: Legalize Cannabis, Or Outlaw Alcohol? Who Should Decide?


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Recently The United States Attorney General announced that he was rescinding the Cole Memo that was issued in 2013 during the Obama Administration that essentially permitted States to legalize Cannabis. It did not change the federal law making it illegal, but it did direct federal prosecutors to focus on “enforcement priorities.” With things like sales to minors and large-scale trafficking at the top of the list and let the states worry about policing their legalized drug industry.

Attorney General Session’s decision to rescind the Cole Memo caught everyone off guard. Reports are that the Attorney General did not discuss the move with anyone, not even the Governors of those states that have legalized recreational use of Cannabis.

This has a lot of people nervous about the now multi-BILLION dollar Cannabis industry. There are currently only eight states that have passed laws making recreational use legal as well as the District of Columbia, yet the most recent stats I could find from 2016 have it as an almost $7 billion dollar industry that provides upwards of 230,000 jobs.

States Where Recreational Cannabis Is Legal

Of course, this announcement has woke all the anti-Cannabis fanatics up and the media, ALL media, including the Fox News Channel, have been discussing how dangerous Cannabis is and that legalizing it is going to end the world as we know it with increased abuse and use of it as a gateway drug to worse things like heroin.

Before I proceed, I want to be honest and tell you that I am not a fan of Cannabis or Alcohol… I do not consume alcohol nor do I smoke Cannabis… Never have and have no desire for that to change.

If America was a dictatorship and I was King, prohibition would still be in place.

Fortunately, America is not a dictatorship and I am not a King… Although I could make a good argument on the dictatorship, that’s for a later time though, however, if that pisses you off or you are one of those people who hate having a mysterious hint dropped on you with no answer, think about this for now and you will probably understand exactly what I mean by the dictatorship comment… Name three things you can do as an American that does not require some sort of license or permission from a governing authority… Let me know if you can come up with even one… LOL

The reason why I am glad America is not a dictatorship and I am not the King is because I believe in and love the Constitution. Even though I believe we have strayed from the intent of our founders, so long as that Constitution remains in place and recognized as America’s legal guide, there will always be solid grounding from American’s at some point and time to realign THEIR government.

What many politicians seem to be missing in this Cannabis argument is that America is a government of the people and by the people… The power and authority to govern comes directly from the people and the founders did not intend for politicians to rule over us, rather they are to represent us. This is why there was a huge argument and much debate about adding the Bill of Rights in the beginning. One group thought it was totally unnecessary to add the Bill of Rights because they envisioned a government that had ONLY the authority given to them by the people and that authority, in the beginning, was very limited.

Thank God for the other group that fought for the inclusion of the Bill of Rights… I imagine they were considered the paranoid conspiracy theorist of their time… They believed history demonstrated that anytime people were given authority they eventually abused that authority… Can you imagine what things might be like today if they had not attached the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth, or any of those first ten that make up the Bill of Rights to the Constitution? It’s scary to think about huh?

That being said, all of the polls taken in recent years put about 70 percent of Americans, give or take, in favor of legalization and the States that have put the question to the voters have elected to make the recreational use of Cannabis legal.

I don’t think anyone unless they are strung out on it wants to see drugs like heroin legalized. I personally think it is hard, or downright hypocritical though for anyone to lecture people on the “unknown” dangers of Cannabis and use it as justification for criminalizing Cannabis when we know the damage alcohol causes but rarely if ever do you hear anyone condemn that… About as close as they come is warning college students should drink in “moderation.”

Laura Ingram had a woman on her show the other day using her as a prop to tell a story of her daughter being killed by someone who was driving while high as a kite. Not one word about the 10, 265 people killed in alcohol-related driving accidents in 2015, the most recent national statistics I could find. Those 10,265 people made up almost a third of all traffic accidents in 2015.

Nor was there any mention of the other 88,000 alcohol-related deaths that occur every year or the billions in healthcare expense and other unexpected consequences.

Conversely, there is no definitive evidence that Cannabis related accidents and deaths are anywhere near that of alcohol in the states that have made recreation use legal.

I think it would be total BS to claim or expect that there will not be the occasional accident where someone is found to be stoned out of their mind or someone rushing to the Emergency Room because they got stoned for the first time in their life and get scared… Crossing the street is dangerous, people die getting in and out of the shower and that damned things with four wheels most people drive on a daily basis results in tens of thousands of deaths a year.

I think at this point though, the things that needs to happen is for Congress to do what they are elected to do… Represent the people and the people by a wide majority want Cannabis legalized… They should do what the American people want!

And that is my opinion… It’s the opinion of someone that would rather outlaw recreational drugs and alcohol, but values the American Constitution and freedom more than my own thoughts on such things… Hell, if I had to make a choice, I’d rather smoke weed than let some politician decides what’s good for me or anyone else…

Let me know your thoughts on this…

SemperFi, ~SGT A~

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—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

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