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Liberal Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand RIPS INTO Marine Corps General Neller… His Response Was EPIC!!!

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Liberal Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, D-NY lost control of her bodily functions—primarily her mouth—while questioning Marine Corps Commandant, General Neller.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and they were holding a hearing on the “Marines United” social media scandal involving approximately 500 unidentified members of the Armed Forces.

The scandal involves the posting of nude photographs of female Marines on various social media platforms with the “Marines United” Facebook Group being the central hub.

The Commandant is furious at the Marines behavior and has asked for the Marines to come forward with any information they have.

General Neller responds to Senator Gillibrand in the most unusual way, a way which they are not too familiar with in Washington, D.C.,…  The response is EPIC!

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  1. to get to her position, she had to bullshit a bunch of people in her district to vote for her and she’s in….thats it, no experience what so ever for her to sit there and run off at the mouth at a marine general that probably has 30+ years of expereince in protecting her priveleged ass!!! he has more knowledge than she will ever be able to cram into her pea brain….very easy to see she does not respect the military. like to put her in combat boots and let her shit between them for a while…she would change her mind real fast!!! seen it so much in my career in the military that had no respect for us but after something happened they changed their views quite quickly. she has no right to even second guess a general. she doesn’t have the knowledge to make any kind of decision of military matters.

  2. I am not in the military nor have I ever been in the military. I was willing to enlist, although the reasons for my lack of service are irrelevant (medical issues) the basic issue here is human nature. The human being male and female are highly intelligent living individuals, alike in every facet of life except for the obvious. That being affirmed and verified, leaves only human nature being the culprit. Human individuals derive pleasure males/females from various forms. Humans tend to seek and find the easiest avenue to gain attention the easiest and least taxing avenue is the use of the human body. To acquire that attention by the display of the human body male/female, in deriving visual as well as physical pleasures. Rating that form of pleasure as being degrading to the individual in question. According to Mrs. Gillibrand is demeaning yes, pertaining to the female. Yet Mrs. Gillibrad is negelecting to mention how that demeaning/degrading affects males by the same concept. But disregarding all the above-mentioned issues the elected officials have allowed the act of sex to become a commodity, instead of remaining an act of pleasure between two consenting adults. In allowing children to become knowledgeable of that act by what the media is transmitting on public airwaves and signals. Returning to the original concept this issue being a military matter of discipline and adjudication, instead of one allowing government entities to become involved. Allowing it to become a public scandal for a witch hunt to appease somebody’s self-righteousness. When it should be left for the military to deal with according to their standards. There are far too many other issues the government needs to contend with beyond military protocol. As I see it Mrs. Gillibrand wanted her 15 minutes in the spotlight, not having enough intelligence to benefit her position. THANk YOU

  3. What a Pathetic senator. She wouldn’t make a pimple on a Generals ass. She is the kind of trash we have in the senate that needs to be fired.

  4. Sexual assault should not be tolerated at all, but for the people who are having their nude photos plastered on the internet, shame on you. How many times do you have to be told not to take nude photos or any other photos you dont want to be seen? Cant blame other people for your bad choices.

  5. Rev. Charles D. Good | May 5, 2017 at 12:19 |

    As a former Vietnam Era Naval Officer, I have nothing but respect for the United States Marine Corps, and I couldn’t agree more with “Max”. To watch the General respond as he did, took a great deal of humility, and I truly commend him for his answer.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment and supporting my blog Sir… Glad you made it back home from Vietnam, thank you for your service and sacrifice!

      ~SGT A~

  6. I am OLD school, i did not ever like the idea of women in the military, and was shocked when i got out of boot that there was such a thing as W,M,s! I didnt belive in woman in because of thier abilities or lake there of but because of this very thing, when the morals of a country drop to the low i experanced in my time of service, being a former U S MARINE, As far as i am concerned we have hit rock bottom, since i got out and i just cant understand what that woman expects, while the general is responcable for the usmc he is not responsable for what mind set of the recutes he is given to turn into Marines that would fall back on the leadership of this nation, not him! while you can train people to be good at thier job and can to some degree change who they are the old self will still rise up against what you have been trained to be like, for instance as i said i was old school when i went in, women had no bussiness in the marine corps peroid no matter what i was told about them no matter how much trouble i got in nothing was changing my mind women had NO PLACE in the usmc, and because of that mind set i never got above pfc as i refused to salute female officers! mind sets are no differant to day when your raised with out morals and GOD is just a cuss word and sex is free lance and the only thing you have been taught in you life about right and wrong is right is what you want and wrong is what you dont want then again what does that woman except, it is again not the generals fault that what he is given to work with is faulty, that would be more her fault than his any day of the week, esp. since the wonderful leadership of this nation for the past 8 years and clearly some resadue, has done all they could to remove the almighty GOD of creation from our country! It is my understanding that the comindant is partly responcable for this as far as the usmc is concerned if that truly be the case then that is where his responcable lies and he needs to correct that and in time that correction will cure most of the problems he will face as comandant. Any thats my story and im sticking to it!

  7. She’s nothing but the as$wioer for Schmuck Schumer

  8. I wish the General had said – yes on me and I will deal with it…..whilst I am doing that can you Senator G. Talk with your peers and across the Congress on all sides and clean up the – tax Fraud / Lobbying $$$ / Lies / adulterous behavior / peophile rings / child pornography / $$ waste of tax payers money / have all of ongree on the same healthcare & subject to ALL laws per WE THE PEOPLE!

    That is my commitment to you and this country is it yours?

  9. The problem exist pots idea of the military also. Our politicians sexton, thank you Wiener,from our athletes to middle schoolers the same behavior can be seen. From both male and female. Yes military is responsible for military and the general rightful took the leadership position. Let’s think this through for the future: now commanders, generals are expected to babysit the troops private time. Should they check thier phones like I do my Children? I pay for the phone so I check. Do we issue military only phone Lines? Unless this was a specific sex picture network that is owned , operated and created by the US Marine Corp or orders given by a Marine higher up to do these things. Then I say the individual pays for the individuals choices. All authority has the obligation to report it. If they didn’t then that is on them. I just don’t understand how a general is supposed to fight our enemies , protect our nation and monitor all soldiers social media and photos on each ones phone.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment and supporting my Blog… I really appreciate it…

      Here is an article that might interest you I write about the Marine Culture as it relates to this issue…

      ~SGT A~

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