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Marine Lashes Out At Press Defending Use Of Force Comment By President Trump


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OK, I just could not go one more day without weighing in on this issue. Some of the comments being made against our President regarding his comments about not protecting the head of a MS-13 gang member when putting them in a patrol car have become downright asinine!

I have heard his comments called irresponsible, unconstitutional, and get this… TREASONOUS! Can you believe that ignorance? It seems like every since Donald Trump became President Trump everything from petty theft to first-degree murder has become TREASONOUS…

Of course,  all of these ridiculously asinine charges are coming from the liberal left who not only have no clue what form of government the United States is governed by, but I have heard members of Congress, the Senate, and a Presidential Candidate refer to the United States as a Constitutional Democracy... Where were these morons educated? Could it be that they are all Russian spies put in place decades ago by the KGB? This might be something worth investigating. Real Americans know we are a Republic and immigrants that legally obtained Ameican citizenship HAD to know such a simple fact to pass the test for their citizenship. I think I have established probable cause. 🙂

Let’s dig into this unconstitutional, treasonous comment a bit more though. There are Mayors and Governors from coast to coast establishing themselves as “Sanctuary Cities” and in at least one case a “Sanctuary State” with the full cooperation of the Police Chiefs and Sheriffs. Where is the criticism from all the self-righteous police organizations criticizing the President of this?

There are dozens of documented cases of these sanctuary cities turning dirtbags lose for everything from petty theft to rape and even murder and they are not first-time offenders, they typically are repeat offenders that go on to commit more crimes once released, yet the liberal propagandist calling themselves the press do all they can to keep such things out of the news.

This country finally has a President who has established an administration—as much of one as the as the liberal blockade has let him have anyway—that actually support our nations law enforcement officers rather than condemn them.

For the past eight years, our nations Law Enforcement Officers have had to look over their shoulders 24/7 and damn near every encounter with the public was confrontational because the thugs felt empowered and protected while our police felt vulnerable and exposed knowing that they could do nothing without their career being put in jeopardy.

Why did the nation’s police feel that way? They felt that way for the same reason they had to keep their heads on a spindle and attend so many funerals of their brothers in blue.

Every time President Obama or his Attorney General Eric Holder got in front of a television camera or microphone on a radio show, they went into their victim speech telling the American people, many who were impressionable young inner-city African American’s or Latinos, that they understood their struggle, that they too had been stopped many times for Driving While Black in their youth, telling them that racism was a systemic problem in America’s police departments, etc.,…

The rhetoric espoused by these two was so full of vitriol that there was more than one occasion when I told my wife, “watch, there will be another cop shot.” Unfortunately, I was right on every occasion.

For a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, President Trump is able to connect, communicate, and relate to the typical hard working American better than any of these politicians with their rags to riches stories wanting to pretend they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

You imbeciles who are impersonating journalist with what was the last truly free press in the world have your heads so far up the backsides of the Democrat Party that you have become nothing more than their personal propagandist protecting them from any negative press and publishing what they tell you to publish as evidenced by some of Hillary’s emails released.

To all of the narrow-minded attack and condemn anything and everything President Trump does or says involved in law enforcement, to include those who become instant experts on anything and everything when it involves the President if you are collectively all so STUPID… So IGNORANT… So ASININE… So devoid of rational thought that you think the nations law enforcement officers do not know the difference between the President “talking shit” and issuing a “directive” or “encouraging” them to ignore all they know and have been taught in regard to the use of force… If you actually think those professional law enforcement officer will or would run out and start smashing anyone’s head because of something the President said while “talking shit” to them, that says more about your pathetic inability to hire quality professionals than it does about the President.

For those who belong to this pathetic group of imbeciles, “talking shit” is a term used and known by everyday real Americans that don’t spend their life with their heads stuck up someone’s backside… It’s a term used by people who communicate with one another who believe their yes should mean yes and their no should mean no… It’s a term used by people who don’t go through life parsing every word of every sentence they hear, looking for some petty mistake or grammatical error that they can use in some way, shape, or form to besmirch the person they are talking to…

I can’t end this without addressing all the police officers out there who have criticized the President for “talking shit” as if he committed a felony for making such a comment. You all are worse than the limp wristed journalist and non-law enforcement critics… You might fool them, but you don’t fool me and I’m confident you don’t fool any of the police that enjoyed a good laugh listening to the President talk a little shit while admiring the work they do.

Cops are not unlike Marines, they love their adrenalin and the love talking shit with one another… I’ve spent my life around both and I know that just because a group of Marines blows off a little steam chanting rape, pillage, and plunder, it doesn’t mean they are going to head out on their next patrol and commence to raping, pillaging and plundering the first town they come upon. I also know that just because a cop jokes about turning a routine traffic stop into a routine beating doesn’t mean that he turns every traffic stop into a beating.

And guess what… Only a damn fool would take the President’s comment about not protecting some thugs head seriously.

The American people, those of us with our feet grounded in reality anyway, are SICK of listing to all you pansy ass liberals criticize the President. We have been listening to every liberal that can form a sentence, and one who can’t (Nancy Pelosi) criticize the President talking about how stupid he is, how unqualified he is, how inexperienced he is, and how low his poll numbers are, etc.,… for more than two years now.

I’m starting to think the coroners had better make room for more bodies… At some point, all you liberals are going to realize that some dumb ass, unqualified prejudice moron has walked over 17 of the best politicians the Republicans had to challenge him and he humiliated two of the most powerful, richest political machines in modern history, the Clinton family and the Bush family and in six months in the White House has accomplished more than I am going to list here right now and when you get humiliated again in 2020 by someone who doesn’t know what he is doing with the lowest poll ratings in history, I would imagine all of you pathetic idiots will start to suck starting shotguns and putting the rest of us out of your misery…

Thoughts? Feel free to add any comments you like and let me know how you feel about these clowns constantly attacking the President demonstrating their ignorance on a daily basis.

SemperFi, ~SGT A~

Any officer can get by on his sergeants. To be a sergeant you have to know your stuff. I’d rather be an outstanding sergeant than just another officer.

—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

KGB Defector

SemperFi, SGT A

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