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Michael Flynn Plea Deal Just The Latest MSM Shiny Red Ball

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Something really big must be going on under the surface of the swamp known as Washington, D.C. Something the powers that be really fear looks to be in the works. How can one come to such a conclusion? Well, because just about every day in the last week, the mainstream media has had a shiny red ball to play with. Rex Tillerson is supposed to be out at state, again, Marco Rubio surfaced to talk about DACA, Matt Lauer is outed as a sexual predator, Elizabeth Warren was more upset at being called Pocahontas than her pet federal money laundering project being hijacked by President Trump and Mick Mulvaney…and now Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who worked for President Trump for a whole 24 days, is pleading guilty to lying to the FBI.

There has to be more going on in Washington than the Senate voting on the tax package.

There are a few things to keep in mind about the whole Michael Flynn topic, especially when considering this news to be a shiny red ball rather than a legitimate scandal. First, the charge to which he is pleading guilty is a procedural one: lying to the FBI. There is also only one count. This has nothing to do with collusion (which is not illegal) or talking to Russian officials in relation to the job he held at the time (also not illegal). Flynn, if people will remember, was the first scalp claimed in the Trump Administration. For whatever reason, the swamp did not want the man anywhere near national intelligence otherwise a whole lot of other lagoon creatures would be indicted and convicted for lying to the FBI.

And then there’s the little matter of Lt.Gen. Flynn having worked in counter-intelligence and as DIA under Barack Obama…he knows haw to tell a half truth and he knows where hell of a lot of bodies are buried. Seriously. Now the rumors, according to Twitter goddess Katica, are that Flynn will be testifying against Trump. For what, none of the anonymous sources making the claims have said, but that’s the rumor.

What is interesting about this case, though, is that just like has been happening all week, the person being exploited to attack President Trump has been in the news previously for similar reasons (or the same ones in the case of Rex Tillerson). The “news” is reported early in the day, and the narrative takes hold among mainstream media outlets as the hours drone on before the targets and conservative pundits have a chance to get their pants on. On social media sites, like Reddit, Twitter, Conservative Treehouse, 4chan, etc., the users go to work deconstructing the message as it was first dissiminated, and the cracks the army of keyboard warriors find in the story get stuck on sites that are not considered to be “legitimate” by news snobs across the country. Anonymous sources are popular for the really juicy palace intrigue (and a reason not to trust shiny red balls), but in Flynn’s case, the statements regarding his plea deal were actually official. He’s taking a plea agreement to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

Supposedly. Remember, Flynn was once counter-intelligence and President Trump is a student of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.” There’s a good chance this is part of the strategy.

Whatever is going on in Washington, the inflation of the Flynn story, just as the Tillerson, Pocahontas, and any number of other stories that spun the Trump Administration in a bad light this week, is really just a shiny red ball. And, just like a social media commenter put it to a blogger on a different site, political junkies will follow the original narrative like a cat after a laser pointer. There is no further critical thinking involved.

Can you say a net result of dumbing down America?



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