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PROOF The Presidential Campaign WAS Manipulated — And NOT By TRUMP!

Presidential Campaign

PROOF The Presidential Campaign WAS Manipulated — And NOT By TRUMP!


There has been a lot of talk about the Russians “hacking” into the 2016 Presidential Campaign with the intent to influence the vote in Donald Trumps favor. Presidential Campaign

One of the main things the liberals repeatedly point to as “proof” that the Russians did in fact manipulate the 2016 Presidential Campaign, is the assertion that 16 government and private intelligence agencies have concluded that the Russians influenced the Presidential Campaign. Their efforts resulted in Donald Trump winning the Electoral College, defeating Hillary Clinton in what is arguably a historical landslide victory. Well, that’s what the liberal media and Clinton Campaign want you to believe. Presidential Campaign

putin election hacked

As a result of the overwhelming attention given to this, many started to demand an investigation into what happened, to determine how the soviets managed to penetrate the election process and establish what, if any classified information was compromised.

Most of you have probably heard that old adage, “Be careful what you ask for.” Of course the reason for that is because your wish just might come true and the results might not be what you expect.

Well, the liberals began to get their wish and the Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committee asked John Brennan of the Central Intelligence Agency, and James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence to appear before the Committee and brief them on the evidence they have supporting their assertion that Russia was responsible for Donald Trump winning the election.

Guess what? John Brennan and James Clapper BOTH have refused to brief the Congressional Oversight Committee!

Brennan and Clapper

What I would like to do in their absence, is provide those of you kind enough to spend time reading my blog articles, with an overview of all the REAL evidence I am aware of that proves the 2016 Presidential Campaign was in fact targeted and a very REAL effort was made to influence the vote of the American public.

When I am done, I feel confident that you will believe as I do, that the integrity of the campaign was in FACT compromised… This compromise DID in fact influence a large number of American voters… And those who engaged in surreptitious acts with the intent to influence the 2016 Presidential Election, should be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Unlike those being paid by the American taxpayers who refuse to brief the Oversight Committee as the law requires, I am eager and honored to provide the factual information I have found.

The TRUTH is that the only evidence anyone tried to influence the results of the Presidential Campaign points directly at the liberal media and Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign. NOT the Russians and NOT Donald Trump!

Hillary Clinton Fake News

There is a lot of RHETORIC accusing the Russians of trying to influence the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and the liberal media loves to point to the tongue-in-cheek comment made by Donald Trump during the campaign, when he encouraged the Russians to find Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

Things We Know to Be True!

The mainstream media and the Hillary Clinton campaign devote a lot of time to drawing “conclusions” based on wise cracks, or comments that are not politically correct made by Donald Trump. The now President-elect Trump is no politician, he has never held or run for a public office in his life.

His lack of experience as a politician, having his every word analyzed has made him vulnerable to the political elite for sure. He is a New York City businessman. People who live in New York City are not known for mincing their words, and Donald Trump is no exception, when a thought comes to mind, he just spits it out.

Donald Trump

He clearly has realized there is a need to temper his words and has demonstrated a bit more discipline and the campaign moved forward. At seventy years of age though, he is not likely to adopt the way of a Washington, D.C. politician. They don’t say anything without having it reviewed by a dozen staff members, testing it in front of a Focus Group, and conducting an extensive poll.

Your professional politician truly is nothing more than a puppet, they would not know what to do with a though of their own if they were stranded on an island alone. Everything they wear, every word they speak, every non-verbal movement of their head, hands, and feet are carefully analyzed by professionals in their perspective disciplines, polled, and tested before a Focus Group. Professional politicians go through all this for one reason and one reason only… To manipulate their potential voters. We become nothing more than a social experiment to them.

These are all nothing more than conjecture and spin on his unfiltered words, and/or subjective interpretation of conclusions by others. The liberal mainstream media and Hillary supporters presenting this things to you as “fact” equates to nothing more than raw propaganda. They know if they present these things as fact to their supporters, they will be believed. It’s intentional manipulation to sway the vote. There is NO evidence that President-elect Trump is any of the following:

  • There is NO evidence he is a Racist

  • There is NO evidence he is a Xenophobe

  • There is NO evidence he supports the Ku Klux Klan 

  • There is NO evidence he is or supports any White Supremacist group 

Media Collaboration 

The mainstream media has been doing more than just pushing propaganda on their viewers. The mainstream media has been caught providing the Hillary Campaign with the questions to be asked at Town Hall meetings and debates. In addition to providing questions ahead of time, there was also at least one well known reporter who was sending his stories to the Hillary campaign, giving them to opportunity to to edit and/or revise the story. These things were all done with one objective in mind… To sway the vote to favor Hillary Clinton!

On at least two separate occasions, Politico’s Chief Political Correspondent Glenn Thrush, sent articles he was preparing for publication about the campaign, to them for review.

Glenn Thrush

Glenn Thrush, New York Times White House Correspondent

The first pre-publication article he is known to have sent, was to John Podesta, Hillary’s Campaign manager. A portion of the message he sent to John Podesta read:

No worries Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to u,” Thrush wrote to Podesta in an April 2015 email. “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this Tell me if I fucked up anything.”

He is known to have sent another article to Jennifer Palmieri, the Clinton campaign Communications Director. He had sent about eight paragraphs of an article he was working on that placed Ms. Palmieri on a pedestal, titled, “Quiet Please. Hillary’s Running.” The article focused the the campaign’s press strategy.


Jennifer Palmieri forwarded the email to all of the Hillary staffers. The note she wrote in the forwarded email read:

He did me the courtesy of sending what he is going to say about me. Seems fine.”

The media collaboration was not limited to print media either. There were at least two cable news stations with anchors that were attempting to aide the Clinton campaign.

The first one I’ll mention I’m sure will surprise everyone. The collaboration took place between a Political Analyst Donna Brazile with… Wait for it… CNN! That’s right, the Clinton News Network! I don’t think that is the official translation of the acronym, but I don’t think the station is known by anything else. 🙂

Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile

Ms. Brazile managed to get her hands on the pre-screened questions that were going to be asked by pre-selected audience members. Ms. Brazile forwarded the question in an email to John Podesta, the Campaign Manager, and Jennifer Palmieri, the Communications Director for the campaign, that read:

One of the questions directed to HRC tomorrow is from a woman with a rash. Her family has lead poison and she will ask what, if anything, will Hillary do as president to help the ppl of Flint

Ms. Brazile eventually got fired when the news got out about what she had done, but for her loyalty she is now the Interim Chairwoman for the Democratic National Committee. They needed someone with integrity… LOL  Right!

CNBC News Anchor John Harwood

CNBC News Anchor John Harwood

There is at least one other cable news station we know collaborated with the Clinton Campaign and that is CNBC. John Podesta’s emails revealed CNBC News Anchor John Harwood giving the Clinton campaign tips about other candidates and talking trash about provoking Donald Trump when they were moderating one of the Debates.

Thugs For Hire!

The other thing we learned from the Podesta emails and an undercover investigation that was conducted on the DNC, is that they were hiring people to go to Trump rallies and disrupt them. People were paid to start fights outside and inside the rallies. When demonstrations were held, they hired people to turn them into riots. This is not speculation, it is fact! This was done to influence the outcome of the vote.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/t4Oe_RCSOAw” mode=”normal” align=”center” thumbnail=”2503″ title=”Hillary Campaign Caught Staging Violence At Trump Rallies” description=”Hillary Campaign Caught Staging Violence At Trump Rallies” upload_date=”2016-12-22″ autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”650″/]

They Got HACKED!

Let’s discuss this computer hacking issue. We have spoken about the intelligence agencies that are stomping their feet insisting that we need a bipartisan investigation into the matter, yet when asked by Congress to appear and brief them on the evidence they had, they refused to appear. Presidential Campaign

Their refusal to brief Congress as required by law, not that we have any law in this country anymore, should give us all reason to question the validity of their claim. Another thing that makes me curious what their motivation is, is all this talk, from people that really have no clue, that the hack was too sophisticated to be some kid in their mothers basement. I also hear comments about how the soviets leave certain unique signatures that lend credibility to their assertion it was the soviets.

spear phishing

Would you really be surprised if that is pure BS? Well, I am going to give you reason to doubt this claim our government is making. The key players who had their email hacked, have acknowledged and have even identified when access was obtained. Does anyone remember or know how the so called “hacker” managed to access their email?

Their email accounts were accessed using a “Tip of the Spear” or “SpearPhishing” attack. These type of “attacks” are nothing more than taking advantage of a users stupidity. It doesn’t take powerful computers running sophisticated software, or some geek at a keyboard for hours searching for open ports to get through a firewall, trying to exploit a security flaw in your systems software, or any others type of skilled hacking. Presidential Campaign

podesta hacked

Chances are you have heard the term “phishing,” but you may not be familiar with “Tip of the Spear,” or “SpearPhishing.” Well, a “Phishing” attack is the term used when someone is not after a specific target, or computer. It’s a hacker sending out an email, hoping that there will be someone foolish enough to take the bait. A Tip of the Spear, or SpearPhising attack is when I know who I am after and I only target that person, or group of people with hope that the target, be it an individual, or small group of people will take the bait.

Tip of the Spear" or "SpearPhishing

The bait is typically nothing more than an email designed to look like something you would receive from your bank, stock broker, internet provider, email host, or any thing else I suspect you may have internet access to. In the case of John Podesta, the hacker was after his email, so he sent an official looking email to him that no doubt had some sort of message encouraging him to change his Gmail password ASAP. Podesta asked a campaign aide if it was legit and the aide told him it was real and encouraged him log in and change his password.

That is all it took! John Podesta gave his personal information and password associated with his email account to the hacker himself. There are a number of methods a hacker can employ once they succeed in getting you to log onto the fake web page. The fake site could have installed a small malware program on your computer so in addition to having the password to your email, the hacker will have also opened your system up so he could explore it at his or her convenience. Presidential Campaign


Now I can’t say for sure the email hack was not the Russians, any more than anyone can say for sure it was. I do feel confident in saying that someone would have to be awfully sloppy, down right amateurish to leave any kind of signature, or trail leading back to them… Unless of course they wanted to leave an indicator as a sort of “in-your-face” message to be obnoxious.


The last thing I am going to leave you with to think about, is all the claims being made by the Clinton campaign that “fake news” contributed to Hillary’s loss.

First, let’s establish where the bulk of the “fake news” was coming from, and what the intention was by those distributing said “fake news.”

Are you ready to hear this?… Pay attention now… The number one distributor of “fake news” and propaganda the past 18 months, has been the mainstream media! Yes, I said the mainstream media!

fake news

Unlike the limited number of true “fake news” web sites or media blogs, that identify themselves as satire or humor sites for entertainment purposes, the mainstream media masquerades as legitimate, professional news sources, while coordinating with the Clinton Campaign to use the platform for distributing sophisticated propaganda. The propaganda distributed by the mainstream media, has an obvious, clear intent to convince the public to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary would like you to believe that Right Wing, Conservative fake news was a major contributing factor in her losing. Well, ask yourself this… If all that fake news from these conservative websites/blogs were so detrimental to the Clinton campaign, how is it she won the “popular vote” gaining in excess of some 3 million votes more than Donald Trump?

Just how is it the Russians managed to convince 3 million more people to vote for her than Trump, by publishing an article on a small blog site that maybe, on a really good story gets a million hits with an average page view time of roughly 30 seconds?  Presidential Campaign

fake news

In the meantime, while a couple of crazy themed fake stories go semi-viral, the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and every newspaper in between is filling their pages from front to back with anti-Trump stories while promoting Hillary as Royalty. Presidential Campaign

In addition to the anti-Trump front page stories on a daily basis, written by both liberal Democrats and influential Republicans Party leaders, there was poll-after-poll by every reputable pollster in the country releasing polls that indicated Hillary held a substantial lead on Donald Trump. As election day moved closer, every station you tuned in on, FOX News included, was leading with a story on how Trump either had NO Path to the 270 Electoral votes needed, or a very narrow, highly unlikely path.  Presidential Campaign

Not one single public figure or analyst anticipated that Donald Trump would be our President-elect today… Not one, not even Donald Trump himself. He was attacked daily by Democrats and Republicans alike. According to the Media Research Center, Donald Trump did receive more media coverage than Hillary, but 91% of the coverage of Donald Trump was hostile. The study shows that the networks spent far more time focusing on personal controversies involving Donald Trump during the last 12-weeks of the campaign. There were 440 minutes of negative coverage on Donald Trump and only 185 minutes of coverage involving Hillary Clinton’s controversies.  Presidential Campaign

Fake News

The bottom line is Donald Trump won the Presidency fair and square, and the only real evidence of any attempt to influence the outcome of the campaign, proves that it was Hillary Clinton who went to extremes. Frankly, the collaboration that took place between the Clinton campaign and the media is downright despicable and if laws exist that make it illegal to influence the vote, then the first ones to receive steel bracelets should be the Hillary Clinton clan and some media executives from coast-to-coast.  Presidential Campaign

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/NhWjSqRB7iE” mode=”normal” align=”center” thumbnail=”1396″ title=”Congressman Peter King Says Intel Community May Be Carrying Out Anti-Trump Disinformation Campaign” description=”Congressman Peter King Says Intel Community May Be Carrying Out Anti-Trump Disinformation Campaign” upload_date=”2016-12-22″ autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”650″/]

If you took the time to read this entire article, I want you to know that I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. I am humbled to know you were interested enough to take time out of your life to read this. I recognize that my opinion writing can get a bit wordy and long. I don’t take your time for granted. Thank you!

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