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Racist Liberal Has Unexpected Encounter At White House

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Well here is one for the record books that managed to fly under the radar while everyone was occupied with Veterans Day activities and the news cycle was full of the President’s Far East activities.

Some yahoo from Dallas Texas that goes by the name of Michael Arega started posting on his Facebook page that he was going to kill all “white police.” This is the actual Facebook post:

As you can see in the post he not only threatened to kill all white police, but he says that he is going to the White House to kill them. Now I am not sure how he thought he was going to kill all white police officers by traveling to the White House, but when you start talking about killing people and include the White House or President in the same sentence, you have made a huge mistake and are now guilty of a felony.

Of course, we are living in an era where so many threats are being made by crazy liberals that things like this rarely even get noticed and if they do they are usually dismissed without even investigating them….

That is unless of course, you threaten to go to the White House to kill all white people then check in at the White House on your Facebook page like Mr. Arega did. YES, he really did that, have a look:

When you see someone from Texas talking about going to the White House to kill all white police on their Facebook page and then see that they have checked in at the White House at a later date, that should bring to mind the “See something, Say something” mantra and motivate you to do notify the authorities.

Fortunately for all potential victims, someone did alert the authorities. Through whatever series of events that was initiated by someone saying something, the Montgomery County Maryland Police notified the Secret Service that they had a potential problem and they began to search the perimeter of the White House for Mr. Arega.

Sometime around the 3 p.m. hour, the Secret Service located Mr. Arega and an arrest was made without incident…

Reports are that he had no weapons or explosives on him, but that did not stop him from being charged with making felony threats.

As you can see from the pictures in the slideshow below, he is somewhat of a religious fanatic… I’m not sure how anyone justifies racism, mass killings, or any sort of hatred using Christianity as justification, but it happens.

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