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Robert De Niro BEGS For Applause While Attacking President Trump

Robert De Niro

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President Trumps good buddy Vulgar De Niro was in attendance at the 2018 National Board of Review Awards Gala on Tuesday, January 9th surrounded by Hollywoods liberals, to include their families and children.

I note that children were in attendance so when you watch the video I have included below, you too will be just as disgusted as I am at not only this moron’s nasty, ignorant, vulgar, and totally inappropriate rant from this senile old has been as I am.

How any mature, responsible adult can look out into an audience, see children sitting with their parents and then address the group with the kind of nasty, inappropriate language vulgar language used by this creep is beyond me.

NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 09: Robert De Niro (L) and Meryl Streep embrace onstage during the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on January 9, 2018, in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for National Board of Review)

It’s pretty hard to offend me too… I’m no saint and this idiots vocabulary of vulgarity seems limited to frequently using the F-Bomb. He does mix up his use though… He has used it as an adjective, a preposition, noun, pronoun, and some parts of a sentence I’ve never heard of… LOL

This is not like his first public display… He has definitely upped his game, or fell off the edge, depending on how you look at it from just punching him in the nose

I’m sure this will come as no surprise to anyone… I’m sure we all know that when someone attacks President Trump, no matter how vile, nasty, or inappropriate it is, the libtards always run to their defense, even though we all know if the shoe was on the other party they would blow a fuse… This time is no different.

I have cued the video below up to the initial response by Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov, who is not surprised by these vulgar attacks… Her reasoning? Well, after eight years of the horrible attacks on King Obama… You know… All those accusations that he was not born in America… (By the way, has anyone ever seen proof of that other than the FAKE birth certificate that was posted on the White House website?) Obama was accused of founding ISIS… You know… Us Conservative Republicans were so rude and vile in our discussions of President Obama while he was in office…

You remember watching Fox and Friends every morning right? You must remember the daily commentary with them sitting on the sofa calling Obama an idiot, a thug, a moron, etc.,… And how could you possibly not remember the constant appearance of visitors hourly, show-after-show declaring President Obama mentally unfit to hold office…

What? You don’t remember those things? Well, how about the time the psychiatrist met with 25 leaders of the Republican Party to brief them on Obama’s mental state and then invited her back to strategize on ways they could unseat President Obama?

OK, I confess… I don’t remember anyone ever being that disrespectful to the former President either… But Jessica and the rest of the libtards do… Perhaps it’s true… Liberalism is a mental illness… LOL

Well, enough of the walk down memory lane… Here is the video of Vulgar De Niro… I apologize for all of the beepings… I was unable to find a copy without it.

Let me know what you think or how you feel about this clown in the comments…

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