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“Sexual or Romantic Overtures” Hey RINOs… Anyone Ever Hear Of The PRESUMPTION of Innocence?

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Every once in a while something takes place in America that compels me to use my platform here—however limited it may be—to share my point of view and opinion and pray that someone gains something from my words. Today one of those things took place.

On Thursday, November 09, 2017, the Washington Post published an article that accused the Republican candidate for the United States Senate in Alabama of making “sexual or romantic overtures” toward several women almost 40 years ago when he was in his 30’s.

The candidate is the controversial 70-year-old Roy S. Moore. Mr. Moore has been in the public eye for almost a half a century and drew a great deal of national attention to himself while serving as a Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court. He was elected to the Chief Justice position in 2001 and removed from the position in November 2003 for refusing to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial Building as ordered by a federal court.

He returned to the Chief Justice position again in 2013 after being elected again by the people of Alabama but got the boot again in 2016 for enforcing a ban on same-sex marriage.

I could go on listing acts of defiance and his public position on things such as homosexuality and anti-Muslime views that he detests and proclaims himself a born-again Christian and he makes no apology for believing God’s law trumps man’s law.

I wanted to paint that picture of him to give you an idea of the sort of man he is in case you are not familiar with him… Not everyone keeps up on Alabama politics I’m sure but there has been a good bit of media attention on him of late in his run for a Senate position.

It’s important that you have some idea of how public a figure he is when considering the recent charges being levied against him by the Washington Post and the women who claim he made advances toward them when they were mere teenagers and he a thirty-something Alabama attorney.

I am appalled by the reaction of our representatives in the Congress and the Senate to the accusations made against him by these young ladies the Washington Post “discovered.” Especially the reaction of Senator John McCain!

I cannot imagine that there is an American alive that is not familiar with how divisive the political environment is and has been since Donald J. Trump rolled over 16 others who were arguably the best Republican politicians in the country. Then, of course, defeated what could be considered the most powerful, well funded, crooked political machine ever born of the Democratic Party… The Clinton’s.

All of those other experienced politicians Republican and Democrat alike mocked Donald Trump and thought they could take the proverbial gloves off and destroy the amateur politician whose first fight in the political arena was for the Presidency… They thought wrong though and got their proverbial asses kicked and tossed aside with tears in their eyes on November 8, 2016, when Donald J. Trump became President Trump.

Since that night, the Democrats have been wearing their butthurt on their sleeves and within hours of his victory were even talking impeachment.

Even more pathetic, the Republican’s who he vowed to side with and represent, flip-flop on him every time they think he has made a mortal mistake.

It has been learned that MILLIONS was spent to have a professional dossier put together and circulated and the previous administration had his people electronically surveilled.

I remind you of President Trump’s battle to remind you just how crooked the opposition is right now… The Democrats and even many pockets of Republicans have demonstrated a willingness to do pretty much anything to Bring President Trump and anyone who shows allegiance to him down.

Does anyone remember the women President Trump forced himself on that conveniently came forward one at a time one day after the other for a week, each with their attorney? Does anyone else notice that they just vanished as their stories began to fall apart?

1st Amendment Ms Dvorak Hillary Clinton

Now, as the Republican Party is starting to fall apart, as the RINO’s are being run off and representatives who express a willingness and desire to support President Trump are being sought and stepping forward in primaries and special elections, we have Judge Moore, a known rebel willing to go against the establishment with no apologies in a similar manner President Trump does and he immediately comes under attack.

Like, everyone, I agree that if a man were to be guilty of the sort of things being alleged of Judge Moore it is not the sort of person I would want in our Senate… Given the acts alleged, it sounds more like we have historically seen out of Democratic Presidents… Am I right Bill?

Given the political climate though and the willingness of the Democrats to do anything to stop President Trump, EVERYONE should withhold judgment at least long enough to see and hear some semblance of corroboration or evidence that Judge Moore is guilty of such things…

As someone with an investigative background and a father who has raised his kids through their teenage years, I am careful to believe everything others say… People do lie… Some more than others.

I find one aspect of this sudden resurrection of women who claim to have been molested as kids by Judge Moore when he was in his 30’s very suspicious. If this were the first time Judge Moore had run for public office I might not give as much pause, but this man has been a controversial figure in the public eye for over 40 years…

After 40 years of the man being on the front page of newspapers and on the six o’clock news in Alabama, I am supposed to believe that these four women suddenly just could not hold their ordeal inside any longer and chose this moment in time to go to the Washinton Post with their story… Sorry, I’m going to chew this piece of meat real good before I’m going to swallow it.

I find it just as disturbing that we have lawmakers such as John McCain who publically tosses a man’s presumption of innocence aside, convicts and sentences them with nothing more than accusations made by a reporter before even checking the story out. To me, that is as scary and as despicable, if not more so, than the acts being alleged.

The premise our judicial system has always operated on or professes to operate on is that it is better for ten guilty men to go free than to convict and deprive one innocent man of their freedom.

The mantra is not supposed to be let’s not take any chances… Lock him up… It is supposed to be, let’s not take any chances… Set him FREE!

One of the safeguards of a Republic is that the mob does not rule… We are supposed to have a more civil and just process than hanging a man because someone accuses them of doing something wrong.

Knowing that we have lawmakers who do not understand that and who will lynch one of their own based on a story published by a biased newspaper should concern everyone… You could be next…

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