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Russia, Russia, Russia… Turns Out Adam Schiff Has Been Helping them. OOPS

Russia Russia Russia

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The whole Russia Russia Russia mess just gets more and more convoluted as the days go by. For months now, the Democratic mouth known as Rep. Adam Schiff from California has been on a tear about President Trump talking to the Russians in any form whatsoever. After all, they can’t be trusted and meddled in our election. By now everyone has heard this even if a large part of the population doesn’t actually believe it.

Well, funny thing about that. A few years back, that same Rep. Schiff talked to one of the media outlets that the legacy reporting mechanisms now say is just a mouthpiece for Holy Mother Russia, RT. Not only did Schiff talk, but he had some interesting things to say about the FISA court that is back in the news.

In an interview that went over eight minutes, Schiff told RT: “I think (reforms to the FISA court) will have the cumulative effect of making the FISA court much more transparent so the American people can understand what is being done in their name, in the name of national security.”

Later in the interview…, the Democratic House Intel member provided a less-than-glowing evaluation of the US intelligence community, admitting that “we see, in essence, what the intelligence community wants us to see.”

Really. Just like the mainstream media does by publishing talking points and news releases handed to them at the national level rather than doing any sort of investigative reporting. That’s also the basic premise behind public relations…and dodging nosey questions from friends and family.

Yeah, that’s totally believable that the U.S. intelligence community would only tell the world what they want us to know. These are, after all, the people who have countless ways to get back at you, according to Sen. Chuck Schumer. Why would they tell us their methods including using a super-secret court that issues wiretap warrants on foreign actors when accepting news reports as proof that the target is a bad actor.



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