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JUST IN: Senate Passes Tax Cut Bill Handing President Trump A VICTORY


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In the early hours of Saturday morning around 2 a.m. the Republican Senate made modern day history and actually managed to get the majority of them to agree on something…

Yes, they passed the infamous tax cut bill President Trump has been working so hard to push through the process. There was only one Republican Senator that did not vote with his Republican colleagues and that was Senator Corker of Tennessee.

NO Democrats voted in favor of the tax cut making the final vote 51 to 49… No one was surprised the Democrats all voted in the NAY column.

With President Trump already scoring 2 consecutive quarters of 3 percent plus growth after eight years of Obama struggling to hit 2 percent, this could really cost the Democrats if this tax cut causes the economy to explode as expected and we start seeing growth of 4 or 5 percent.

The Democrats like to run off at the mouth about how Republican trickle down economics does not work, yet they can not point to a single state or county that has been under nothing but Democratic control for thirty years or more that has improved.

In addition to their lack of success in the states, they just had 8 years to put their Democratic principles to work and they managed to double our national debt taking us into 20 trillion dollars and ran business after business out of the country with their over regulation and taxes twice what corporations pay in other countries.

How in the heck Democrats think they can stimulate growth and get people back to work by regulating everything to the point the average entrepreneur can’t afford to negotiate the mess and if they manage to get up and running they tax them out of business or out of the country.

Lets hope the Republicans in Washington can carry this all the way to the President’s desk now and make it law…

Do you think they will get it on the President’s desk before years end?

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