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Shooting At Maryland High School {{VIDEO & LIVE FEED}}


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There is an active shooter situation this morning at the Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County Maryland about seventy miles south of Washington, D.C.

The local Sheriff’s Office is on the scene as well as Maryland State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Special Agents from the Baltimore Field Office are also responding to the scene.

Law Enforcement authorities are reporting that the situation is “contained” but there seems to be no explanation of what that means.

Students have been told to shelter in place and the school is on lockdown. Parents have been asked not to go to the High School where the shooting has occurred but to go to a nearby high school where they will be reunited with their children once the school is cleared and the students are safely removed.

Initial reports are that there are no casualties but there are several students injured or wounded.

This is still a fluid situation and there have been no press conferences held as of yet… Once more information becomes available I will provide an update…

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