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DRAMATIC VIDEO Of Special Forces Operator Rescuing A Little Girl – HEROIC!

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The video below shows a former U.S. Special Forces Operator, who is now back in Iraq trying to provide aid to those in the war torn country, breaking out from behind the safe cover of an armored vehicle and rescuing a little girl.

The rescue took place in Mosul, the northern city that was under total control of ISIS until U.S. Led Iraqi forces laid siege to the town months ago. After months of intense, non-stop fierce fighting the city is on the verge of being completely free of ISIS control.

The heroic Special Forces Operator turned humanitarian, David Eubank, , formed the Free Burma Rangers to deliver necessary medical supplies and other humanitarian support where the feint of heart dare not travel.

Eubank noticed the young girl moving in an open clearing where the bodies of dozens of innocent civilians killed by the ruthless, indiscriminate ISIS snipers who took them by surprise lay.

You will see in the video that as soon as two other Americans behind the armor vehicle step out and start laying down a wall of cover fire, Eubank darts out from behind the vehicle in a sprint, then returns moments later with a young girl held under his right arm, almost as if he were carry a football.

There is no doubt that 56-year-old David Eubank, with a wife and children at home, saved this young girls life at great risk to his own personal safety. This is the sort of heroic act that should make every American feel proud and secure knowing that men like this serve this country.

SemperFi and God Bless you David Eubank!

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SemperFi, SGT A

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