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Students BANNED From Singing Silent Night. It Might UPSET The Muslims!

Silent Night Sharia law

Students BANNED From Singing Silent Night. It Might UPSET The Muslims!


Well, so much for giving the desert rats refuge from their war-torn countries, with any expectation they will integrate with the host and show respect and gratitude for the safe haven they are receiving. Silent Night

Sharia Law

It amazes me that the American people have a 240 year history of religious liberty, coexisting together with people saying Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Buddha bless you, etc… If someone said Happy Hanukkah to you and Christmas was your thing, you wished them a Happy Hanukkah, then said Merry Christmas  and they would wish you the same.

Everyone was able to practice their religion and enjoy their Holiday and no one got offended. In fact, most of the time others would inquire about the traditions practiced by others, and/or use the encounter to share their faith with one another.

Sharia Law

THEN, along came the Muslim refugees. I say Muslim refugees, because there were practicing Muslims in America getting along with everyone just fine. It was not until we started having refugees snuck into our communities by the Obama administration that has shown more loyalty to and provided more protection for that he has the American people. Strange huh? I wonder why? Could it be that they are HIS people?

America is not the only one providing refuge to these ungrateful desert rats, though Hussein has been leading the gang of dictators around the world and encouraging they take in the refugees as fast as and as many as possible. It’s almost as if he is trying to aid in the Infiltration so that Allah can one day raise up his warriors and rule the world.. LOL.. Na, now that’s just silly.. L0L

Sharia Law

Setting tradition and history aside, we currently have another situation that exemplifies the sort of nonsense I have been ranting about taking place in Italy.

In the town of Bresciano, in northern Italy, schoolchildren were banned from singing the popular Christmas song Silent Night. Instead of singing the lyrics, they were made to hum to tune instead, over fears that singing the lyrics would offend other religions.

Italy School children

Apparently this is something they are becoming accustomed to in Italy, as the PC police push them closer and closer to adopting Sharia Law. There was another group of schoolchildren about a week ago in Pontevico, Italy that was banned from mentioning Jesus in Christmas songs. The lyric sheet they were given actually has Jesus removed from the text.

Silent Night

This is a global problem too. Everyone knows the struggles we have here in America with the PC police, and there was also a school in Sweden that removed all reference to Christianity from a popular Christmas carol they were performing to avoid offending anyone else.

Italy school children

If the international community continues to permit these clowns to dictate what we say and how we worship, we will wake up one day and realize that we have voluntarily surrendered our identity.

I don’t intend on being one of them… Do you?

Silent Night Holy Night

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