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Trump Gives Feinstein New Nickname, But What Was She Really Up To


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On Tuesday, California Senator Dianne Feinstein threw a bit of a grenade in the swamp that we call Washington, D.C. She released for public consumption the behind closed door testimony of one Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, the swamp entity that produced the now nefarious dossier that claimed germ-o-phobe Donald Trump was the recipient of a “golden shower.”

What exactly the wing-nut of the west meant to accomplish with this move is up for debate. There are those who believe that she was putting out the talking points going forward for the rest of the anti-Trump troops, and there are others who believe that she did this strictly to expose that there is an apparent contradiction in the Republicans’ party line on the subject.

What is not up for debate, though, is that Feinstein violated Senate rules when she made this unilateral move. Even left-leaning Vox had to admit that.

No law was broken here. Simpson testified in a closed session, but he wasn’t discussing classified information (he’s not a government official) or anything about anyone’s private life (there are some minor redactions to ensure this). And Simpson had already publicly called for the full release of his testimony.

What Feinstein violated was the normal rules of Senate decorum, which Republicans had been using to cover up a key point that debunks some of their own talking points about this matter.

That was reason enough for our Tweeter in Chief to give the California congresscritter her very own nickname.

The bottom line truth is that Feinstein probably disrupted some sort of plan the Republicans had for releasing all of this information…in addition to leaking to the rest of the gang what was said under oath just in case they all needed to get their stories straight.

To put it mildly, there probably wasn’t any Trump/Russia collusion, but that doesn’t mean the party is over. Make some snacks. This is going to get good.



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