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Unions Still Don’t Understand That Companies Have To Make A Profit


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In the year or so since Donald Trump’s election to the American presidency and ascension to the Resolute desk in the Oval Office, the country has maintained a continuous celebration of American companies suddenly not being afraid to spend money and keep jobs in the United States. In most cases, it was a matter of management sitting on a pile of cash until Trump was either elected, or the tax package passed.

The true motivation for one of the first companies to announce that they were adding jobs in the U.S. – in Vice President Pence’s Indiana to be precise – is unknown other than the special tax package offered by the state, but toward the beginning of the Trump Train leaving the station, Carrier, the air conditioning people, announced that 700 jobs would stay in the U.S.

Since then, over six hundred people have been laid off by Carrier prompting the former head of its union to verbally assault the president and his efforts.

Speaking at a rally of Carrier plant workers dubbed “The State of the Working Class,” the former Steelworkers union president first expressed his respect for the office of the President before damning the man who currently holds the title with blistering invective.

“I think everybody ought to respect the people that hold office,” Jones said. “I think everybody ought to respect the president of the United States and the office he holds. But Donald Trump is a liar and an idiot.”

“Everybody’s well aware of it, he campaigned to Bernie Sanders’ message, he campaigned on keeping jobs here in this country,” he continued. “We’ve got some people here that voted for Donald Trump because of the promises that he made. All during the campaign, Donald Trump numerous times mentioned Carrier by name. If he was president, the Carrier jobs would not be leaving this country and people bought into it.”

Donald Trump, a man whose business record is 500+ wins to 4 loses, is not in control at Carrier and does not dictate how funds are spent or what line items on the budget are given more weight than others. That is the job of the company’s management, not government officials. Even Bernie Sanders would be able to tell this lunatic that. (Hopefully.) This particular downsizing is not Trump’s responsibility.

It was inevitable that one company or another would run into trouble in the next few years. That is the nature of business cycles. Blaming the president for one company’s fiduciary failure is very short-sided. When the true big boys of industry start renigging, talking about the failures of a president can come into play, but not just yet. President Trump has only just begun.



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