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5 Slain Heroes Honored in Chattanooga. Guess Who Was Not There? {{VIDEO}}

5 Slain Heroes Honored in Chattanooga. Guess Who Was Not There?

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Chattanooga, TennesseeOn Saturday August 15, 2015, five Battlefield Crosses were carefully lined up across the stage at the McKenzie Arena in honor of the 4 Marines and 1 Sailor who were gunned down on July 16, 2015.

chattanooga-shooting-victimsThe Arena was packed with hundreds of Marines in their Dress Blues and Sailors in their Dress Whites to honor the memory of GySgt. Thomas Sullivan, SSgt. David Wyatt, Sgt. Carson Holmquist, LCpl. Squire K. Wells, and Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Randall Smith, who were killed at the Navy Operational Support Center by a lone terrorist.

The military Commanders present asked that the Marines and Sailor be remembered for their action under fire.

Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, Commanding Officer of Navy Operational Support Center Chattanooga, said the men upheld the Service’s core values.

They died as they lived,” Lt. Cmdr. White said. “Doing their duty with honor, courage, and commitment — bravely protecting others, even at the expense of their own lives.”

During the shootings, several of the Marines ran back into the NOSC after helping others escape. Marines who had hopped the fence to escape the gunman rushed to the neighboring park where dozens of children were playing and ushered them to safety. The heroism of the day was the theme of the two-hour afternoon ceremony.

The Marines and Sailors that day acted with courage,” said Maj. Mike Abrams, Commanding Officer of Mike Battery, based at the Naval Operational Support Center.

In the chaos of that moment, they were selfless in their efforts to take care of each other, and acted with unquestionable courage,” Abrams said. “Our brothers that day chose to go back into the fray. They took back the initiative. They had a bias for action. They are not victims. They are Marines. They are sailors.”

Maj. Abrams closed his remarks with a message for America’s enemies.

To our enemies, whoever and wherever you may be: We will not succumb to fear,” Abrams said. “You will never touch what is in our hearts and in our minds. This act has only strengthened our resolve and rallied the will of this great nation.”

After the ceremony the Marines and Sailors met for fellowship outside the arena introducing friends and family to one another.

While Vice President Biden and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter were present, the one person who should b have been present at the ceremony, the one person responsible for the safety and security of our nations warriors, the Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama was NOT present.

150815-M-MB894-004The President has made it a practice to call the parents of every thug that has been killed by a Police Officer in recent history, sent his Attorney’s General to greet the families of those killed while involved in felonious activity, and official White House Delegations to their funerals, but has not seen fit to contact the family of a single service member killed on American soil. The only family the President has spoken with and personally comforted, even hosting a heroes reception when their son was returned to America, has been the parents of Bowe Bergdahl, the only known American service member to desert his unit and defect to the enemy… A traitor!

While it was nice that the Vice President and Secretary of Defense had the decency to be present to honor these brave warriors, in my humble opinion, the Commander-in-Chief, Barrack Hussein Obama, should be present at the memorial service of every warrior killed on American soil. I can’t think of another conflict since the Civil War, when American service members have been killed by the enemy on American soil. I think that deserves the personal attendance of the nations President.

After all, if America ever were to be invaded by a foreign aggressor, it would not be the Secret Service that protects him and his family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it would be the nations warriors that he has consistently failed to personally honor.

I’ll never forget attending the Million Vet March in Washington, D.C., almost 2 years ago now. When we got to the White House, a team of Secret Service Police came marching in dressed out in full riot gear as if it were needed. What I found so amusing was that I was confident that every veteran there would have given their life to protect the man sitting in the Oval Office that day. Yes, we were there to protest, to exercise the 1st Amendment right that we had all earned the privilege to exercise. We were there to let the government know that the Memorials belonged to the people, to the veterans they were erected to honor… The President had never been more secure and safe than on that days hundreds of us stood outside his front gate though.

635752641544688277-AP-491486004809The Commander-in-Chief should contact the families of those killed on American soil. He should take a single day out of his schedule to attend their memorial services. He should honor those who give their lives protecting others and quit making heroes out of thugs who die trying to kill Police Officers!

That’s just one humble Marines opinion though… The video below is of the memorial service for these brave American warriors killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee… I hope you will take the time to watch it and consider the sacrifice made by others so that you can live a free and secure life. Perhaps you will feel as I do and write your President to encourage him to personally contact the families of those lost on American soil and attend future ceremonies, God forbid we lose more brave Americans on our soil in this War on Terror.



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