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America, A “S” Hole Country Or Nation Led By Pretentious Pansies?

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I have been listening to the media ramble on since yesterday afternoon when some “anonymous” politician that was in a small “private” meeting with President Trump and could not wait to run to the nearest back alley and tell the liberal media that President Trump used the term “shithole” when describing Haiti.

The story being told on every news channel this morning is that President Trump asked those in attendance “why are we having all these people from “shithole” countries come here?” Of course, from there everything else becomes media speculation and they are reporting that he was apparently referencing countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and several African nations.

As I listen to the rhetoric coming from the media, I have to wonder where in the heck I am? Have I woke up in some shithole, or did my government get taken over by a bunch of pretentious pansies?

Now mind you, I understand there is an appropriate way to speak to the public. For example, you will notice that I am using words like pretentious and pansy in this rant to the general public that has access to my website, but I think you can safely assume if I were emailing another Marine or close friend, we would not use that sort of language to communicate with one another.

I would also like to think if I were with a small group tossing ideas back and forth, that I could drop any sort of prim and proper facade without being concerned that someone in the meeting is going to be a weasel and run to the press as soon as the meeting is over. One has to wonder how the politicians in Washington will ever be able to accomplish anything with one another if they have to be constantly concerned about how every word out of their mouth is going to be interpreted and used against them.


Haiti 2017

The President should not need a team of lawyers next to him when he meets with members of Congress or the Senate to help parse his every word.

The American people finally have a no-nonsense leader in Washington and no one I know living in America outside of the concrete jungles finds anything at all wrong with their President referring to a place like Haiti as a “shithole.”

I’m sure many of you like me have had the opportunity to travel the world and there are just some places, like Haiti, that can’t be described as anything but a shithole.


Haiti 2017

This rant is not about Hillary or the Clinton Foundation, but if half the money they have collected over the years to help the people of Haiti had gone to help the people of Haiti… It might not be such a shithole today.

What annoys me more than the President referring to Haiti—if that is what he was referring to—as a shithole, is the fact that we have politicians in Washington, D.C., calling themselves leaders but don’t have the cojones to tell the President to his face that they are offended by his use of such a reference to other countries and ask him to please refrain from making such a reference.

Not only did the weasel not have the cojones to speak up and address the issue with the President directly, they don’t have the cojones to be identified and speak on the record for themselves… Instead, they remain anonymous hiding behind some lame reporter.

If that politician is reading this, first, you should know that when you do something like this it does not just give “some” people a bad impression of the President, it gives the nation a bad image…

In closing, to that same politician and all the others like him, that hide in the shadows of the press talking smack about the President and your colleagues in Washington… How does it feel to be such a pusillanimous?

SemperFi, ~SGT A~

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—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

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