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America’s Minimum Wage

I’ve been hearing a lot this past week about fast food workers wanting the minimum wage raised to $15 an hour and I’m seeing them marching on the streets around the country today on the news..

Their argument is not based on things like the boss is banking all the money, or I have unique skills that warrant the pay… No, their argument is that they are “entitled ” to it! The mindset that they are entitled to it because the current minimum wage is not enough too live on.. Well, no kidding!

Minimum wage jobs are typically those jobs that require no advanced skills or special education. Often they don’t even require a high school diploma.. They are “starter” jobs. Jobs a young person is supposed to use to develop basic skills in the workplace… Jobs where in essence, the employee and employer gain something mutually beneficial… The young employee is gaining valuable work experience and developing good work habits, while the employer is able to operate a business with a narrow profit margin, to provide the community with affordable goods. One can not expect if the minimum wage is raised to $15 an hour that the cost of goods at the retail establishments will not increase.

And how will this effect the rest of business and the economy? Think beyond the fast food worker who wants $15 an hour for a job that requires no special skills or training. What then will the skilled worker be worth? What will the person who makes sacrifices to educate and train themselves be worth? Will someone with a college education, or special skills then be willing to work for $17 or $18 an hour? Probably not, because they will not be able to afford the hamburger that the $15 an hour unskilled worker is earning…

Quite frankly, I believe they are about to put the majority of them out of jobs. I believe, just in anticipation of such an increase, we will soon see places like McDonalds and Burger King installing computerized kiosk for people to place their orders on. Lets face it, the need to hire someone to stand at a cash register and collect money is already obsolete with today’s technology. When the business is confronted with the fact that an investment in such technology will pay off in the long run, they are going to make the change..

The next time you go into a McDonald’s, or small mom and pop business who employes minimum wage workers, after they ring your goods up, ask yourself, would you be willing to pay 100 percent more for those goods? Why? Because an increase to $15 an hour is approximately a 100 percent increase in salary for them and the consumer is going to have to pay for that…

Well, before I end this rant, I may as well upset as many people as possible! If you are above the age of 30 and still working for minimum wage, and not just doing it to supplement your income, if that is what you are trying to support your family on… You have failed yourself, your community, and your family! You should have put forth the effort to educate yourself, or develop a skill that would improve your earning power!


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