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This is AWESOME! A real case of poetic justice caught on camera for his mommy to watch over and over… Something she can post on her Facebook wall and caption proudly “Look, my little Johnny must have a pair!” LOL

This is footage that was taken of ANTIFA doing their thing in Phoenix, liberals have convinced themselves they are “protesting” and that’s what they all tell their mommy when texting them for lunch money, but those of us not blind from living with our heads up our own arses call it for what it is… Domestic Terrorist RIOTING!

In the video below you will see the young protester terrorist who saved his George Soros, Inc., paychecks and bought himself a real gas mask… He clearly does not want to be mistaken for some amateur terrorist hack with his daddy’s hanki over his face like most of the terrorist hired by George Soros, Inc.,… Nope, I see big plans in this kids future… He is dressing to impress… Georgie will surely take note of this young man with the gas mask… He can no doubt spot real talent by now…

This young Soros stand out believes this new gas mask he invested his hard earned Soros paycheck in gives him super powers and has made him invincible to the tear gas and O.C Pepper balls the Police are using to disperse the unruly little hellions…

The video begins as the police have tossed a canister of tear gas at the front line of terrorist and as they all begin to run away from the chemical irritant engulfing them in smoke and the burning gases are too much for the average hanki-faced punk to tolerate…  The gas mask kid rushes forward glaring at the police giving off a non-verbal, HA! Check this out! Then he kicks the tear gas canister back toward the police.

As the canister slides across the ground the kid turns around toward his fellow wannabe terrorist looking for his confirmation that he done good, then turns back toward the police as if to stick his tongue out while humming nanny nanny boo boo…

As the young terrorist stares at the police feeling as if he has earned his right to demand their respect now, a TRUE young American who wears a uniform with pride that has truly demonstrated the sort of character worthy of respect, takes careful aim with a pepper ball gun…

The police officer taking aim with the pepper ball gun is following department policy and taking aim center mass on the young terrorist so he avoids any possibility of causing serious injury to the douche bag…

When the Officer fires off the one inch in diameter plastic ball filled with capsicum spray it strikes little Johnny right below his belt buckle sending an intense tuning fork vibration through his family jewels that judging from the point of the O.C ball’s impact have barely just made their debut…

The police O.C Sniper clearly scored a definite BULLSEYE as evident from how swiftly the shot dropped him to the pavement on his face.

As he lay there struggling, but clearly unable to get up on his own, along came a future conservative convert who could not bring himself to leave his buddy behind, wounded on the battlefield…

I’m willing to bet this young man is the only kid in his ANTIFA group who now realizes why modern military Kevlar vest have that flap hanging down over the groin area… LOL

SemperFi, ~SGT A~

Any officer can get by on his sergeants. To be a sergeant you have to know your stuff. I’d rather be an outstanding sergeant than just another officer.

—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

KGB Defector

SemperFi, SGT A

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