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Apple Law Suit – You’re Not Responsible

OK, I just can’t let this pass without commenting. Yesterday I heard that Apple has lost a law suit requiring them to reimburse millions of dollars to customers, because they cried about their kids making purchases online without parental permission.  What in the hell is going on in this world?

Have we really completely dismissed the concept of parental responsibility in this country?  Do we no longer expect or require ourselves to be responsible for our actions? Is this really what we want our nations children to learn from this? I’m beside myself reading about this!

I raised 4 kids and had a house full of teenagers over the years… Being a computer hobbyist, I have computers all over the house. When the kids were young, they did not go on the computer without supervision, as they matured, they had access to the computers and internet, but ALL of my accounts had a level of security in place to prevent such things from happening. They call it a PASSWORD!

I’m sorry, but as a parent, if you are foolish enough to give your children the password to ANY account they can access and charge anything at will, then YOU and YOU alone are responsible for that!!! This is not the same thing as being hacked, where some high tech criminal manages to surreptitiously obtain your credit card information and goes on a spending spree… No, this is the parents giving their kids access to their passwords to iTunes, then complaining because they spent hundreds or thousands of dollars downloading songs.

I have to look into this some more, I hope this was the initial ruling and not a loss on appeal… I have to admit, it would suck having one of my kids go on a spending spree after I gave them my password to download ONE song, but if they did, that would be MY problem, MY fault, and MY responsibility to deal with…

WAKE UP people, assume some responsibility for your actions! Mistakes have consequences and giving ANYONE unlimited access to your credit card is YOUR mistake and you have to deal with the consequence!


Here is a story on the case:


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