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Libtards WRONG Again: Year End Approval Rating Of President Trump Not What They Claim


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Well, in the immortal words of the famous Honorary Marine, Gomer Pyle, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…

In the eighteen plus months leading up to the 2016 Presidential election, the Main Stream Media constantly regurgitated the narrative that Donald J. Trump had the lowest approval rating of any Presidential Candidate in history.

As the day of judgment—election day—got closer and closer they were not only declaring him the Presidential Candidate with the lowest poll numbers in history, they were emphatically stating and in fact gloating daily that he had no chance at all of reaching 270, the minimum number of electoral votes necessary to win the Presidential Campaign.

As the media outlets began to broadcast, each with their own panel of esteemed political analyst, one-by-one they all began displaying their red and blue political map of the United States, explaining to their viewers in a gleeful, smug manner that all the polls had Hillary Clinton at a clear advantage and that the Republicans were essentially wasting their time going out to vote because it was going to be impossible for Donald Trump to get enough electoral votes to even make a respectable showing… According to the analyst, he would be lucky to get even 170 electoral votes.

Even the analyst and commentators on the Fox News Channel, the only media outlet that had given Presidential Candidate Donald Trump any support, encouragement, or hope of becoming the 45th President of the United States were predicting his loss when the polls opened.

Like all the other media outlets they were relying on the various poll numbers released and even some of President Trump’s staunchest supporters like Sean Hannity was reluctantly admitting that there was just no way he could get the minimum 270 electoral votes needed to win.


Of course today, more than a year since the smug liberal analyst and arrogant liberal news commentators signed off with their heads down and tears flowing, they continue to rely on the same polls and smug political analyst that made such fools of themselves during the campaign.

They are also relying on these polls to support their gloating about President Trump being the most unpopular President in history with the lowest poll numbers ever recorded in a Presidents first year.

Not all polls predicted the President’s loss though, there were two polls that were very close to reality within less than a percentage point of their margin of error. The Rasmussen Poll and the IBD/TIPP tracking poll were close to their predictions.

Both had predicted Hillary Clinton would win the popular vote and the Rasmussen Poll was only off by less than one percent being the closest prediction.

The IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll was slightly closer than Rasmussen predicting the electoral vote, but again both had Donald Trump as the winner.

Of course, at the time these polls were dismissed since they did not fit the liberal narrative and were also considered anomalies since they were nowhere near the majority of the polls.

Now here we are a year later and the libtards are still relying on the same polls and dismissing the only polls that maintained any degree of integrity at all leading up to the campaign.

The liberals are telling everyone that President Trump has the lowest poll ratings of any President in history since polls have been being conducted. The claim he is anywhere from the mid thirty percentile to the low 20 percentile and they are convinced the Republicans are going to get creamed in the 2018 midterm elections because President Trump has been such a failure.

Well, Rasmussen Reports latest poll shows President Trump having identical poll numbers at the end of his first year as they had recorded for President Obama on the very same date at the end of his first year in office.

The Rasmussen Report has President Trump at a 46% approval rating compared to a 53% disapproval… On December 31, 2009, Obama polled at 46% Approval and 54% disapproval…

It looks to me like the libtards have been peddling more FAKE NEWS… What do you think?

SemperFi, ~SGT A~

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—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

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