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Benghazi Rant

So there has been a lot of talk in the news today about the new Benghazi report… Seems they have identified a lot that was done wrong, but for the life of them they can’t seem to identify anyone responsible… They seem to be able to identify those responsible only in terms of it was the “State Department” or it was the “CIA” or it was the “NSA” but there seems to be no “PERSON” mixed into the alphabet soup that is responsible… It’s as though these entities just function without supervision or responsible leadership… Amazing huh?

We often hear about the 4 Americans that were killed, and rightfully so, but I believe there needs to be even more emphasis on this loss of life. Why? Well, 4 Americans were killed, but there were close to 60 Americans on site that were ALL left for dead! The only reason we are not talking about 60 dead Americans, is because there were a couple of brave men on station that put their oath as members of our armed forces ahead of orders given by the desk jockeys in Washington, telling them NOT to leave the annex to rescue the others. There seems to be some indication that they did not act alone, but they initiated the move to rescue many who were abandoned on the main compound….

This administration violated over 200 years of a Code of Conduct that has never been broken. When our nations government sends people abroad to represent us, they have every right to believe that EVERY effort will be made to rescue them in the event of attack or any other sort of disaster that may put their lives at risk! EVERY Embassy or Mission we have abroad is considered to be sitting on American soil and America has every right to do anything and everything to protect its citizens on said property!

There is no doubt that we had assets that could have reached those Americans in trouble within hours after the attack began… The excuse that we had no idea how long the attack would continue is pure BS! You don’t wait a day to see how many Americans are going to die before deploying assistance… The Marine Corps can place a sizable fighting force on the ground anywhere in the world within 24 hours and with things in the world the way they have been, we have Special Forces Units that can get anywhere in a fraction of that time. Those Americans had every right to believe that help was deployed from the minute they put out a call for help!

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it… This nations president is responsible for not authorizing help to be deployed IMMEDIATELY!!! There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it… Hillary Clinton is responsible for not ensuring they had the appropriate security there ahead of time, or evacuating the mission as a precaution… This concept that the liberals keep spewing out of their mouths that the only thing that’s important is that the mistakes are identified and corrected is BS! Sure, that is important, but so is accountability! If I were to kill 4 Americans, you can bet that identifying the “cause” would not be enough! Imagine this… You have a bad day, find out your wife is cheating on you, get fired from your job, get in a car accident on your way home, so you grab your gun and kill 4 people. If you get a liberal judge, all you would have to do is identify what went wrong, take measure to prevent it from happening again.. You know, like divorcing your wife, taking the bus home instead of driving, and find a job you won’t get fired from.. Hey, you’ve taken steps to prevent doing it again, so what difference does it make that you are responsible for the death of 4 Americans?

Seriously people, this administration is out of hand. I’ve heard the question asked of Congressmen and Senators these past couple of days by the talking heads, “what can we do?” THEY DON’T KNOW!!! They are admitting that even though the president and OUR government is out of control, that there are few things they can do and none that will get control of things any time soon… They acknowledge they can take him to court, which is taking place, but it takes years to move things through the judicial system…

Your chance to gain control of YOUR government will be coming up later this year and all I can do is encourage you to VOTE, and plead with you not to vote for the liberal democrats. They are destroying YOUR country! They have forgot that the power flows from the people to the government NOT from the government to the people! They are dictators and want to control every aspect of your life! When Americas president comes right out and says that he has a pen and will bypass 2/3rd’s of the government that was designed to provide a system of checks and balances, you have a tyrant in office! When you have a president that refuses to work with the other branches of government, you have a tyrant… When you have a president that alters the laws passed by the congress to suit his political objective and to satisfy his supporters, you have a TYRANT!!!

The Constitution gives us two ways to stop a tyrannical government… YES, two ways! And it is VERY CLEAR on what they are… The ballot box, or the bullet box… I’m too damn old and busted up for the latter, so PLEASE, VOTE carefully!

Remember, you don’t have to be smart to commit the perfect crime, just in charge of the investigation…


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