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Bombing in Afghanistan

OK, I know this news broke yesterday, but it’s still getting a lot of talk today… If you live in a cave, yesterday in Afghanistan a group of towel wearing punks (TailaBan) entered a Lebanese restaurant and killed 20 some people, including 3 Americans… Not American military, but civilians that were over there trying to HELP the Afghanistan people…

They must be so proud of themselves in taking credit for an act of pure cowardice like this… The bravery it must take to enter a restaurant full of innocent civilians eating dinner and mow them down with your AK… What brave manly men they are…

I am of course being factious, they are a bunch of PUNKS! I have other terms I would use, but this rant is going to be on my personal page, so I am trying to keep this G-Rated! They claimed this was in retaliation to an op by the Afghan military recently… Well, how bout they man up and try to retaliate against the Afghan military? I mean, WTF??? If I were ticked at the Afghan military and wanted to retaliate for something they did to me, THEY are the ones I would attack, not a bunch of innocent civilians! Someone needs to tell them it takes more than growing a beard to be a man!

I would like to make an open offer to any anti-American hatting group… You want to retaliate for something, come at me! Make me your target! Oh, wait… I shoot back, you’re too much of a chump to come at me!

I’m glad I am not associated with a country or organization that retaliates by killing innocent civilians eating dinner… When my brothers, the United States Marines retaliate, they go right at the cowards… Those that did this had better keep watch at night and walk back-to-back because they are coming to get you!


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