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Call to Arms! Hillary Skates, Marine Officer Receives Court Martial!

Call to Arms! Hillary Skates, Marine Officer Receives Court Martial!


OK American Patriots, I hate bringing this sort of information to you all the time; however, the current state of affairs in OUR government demands that I do.


Maj. Brezler

You are about to learn of an Officer in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, Major Jason Brezler, a decorated Marine Officer with four deployments in the War on Terror. Major Brezler continues to serve the American people in New York City, as a member of the Fire Department’s Elite Rescue 2.

You are also about to learn of three other United States Marines, SSgt. Scott Dickinson, Cpl. Richard Rivera, Jr., and LCpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. These Marines are no longer serving the American people… They are dead! They were senselessly killed while working out in the gym at Forward Operating Base Delhi, Garmsir District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Those three Marines, brave American warriors, the best America has, men not easily replaced, are dead because the Commanders at FOB Delhi, Garmsir District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, refused to heed the warnings by Maj. Brezler. The shooting was NO surprise at all, Maj. Brezler knew of the threat, and he knew who was planning the attack.

So, how does Hillary Clinton play into all of this? Well, this began as an absurd case of negligence, arrogance, and retribution by a few people in command, who prefer to place politics and political correctness, above practical common sense and the lives of Marines under their command. As a Marine myself, it pains me to see this sort of conduct, from any Marine, but we recognize that every organization has its 10% that are just better suited for Sea Duty, wearing concrete boots!

COVER_US-Soldiers-MurderedWith the exception perhaps of a few of my fellow Marines, who live under a rock somewhere, most of you have surely heard of the mess little Miss Hillary is in right now, for setting up a private email server while serving as Secretary of State. As of this writing, the investigators have reported they have found over 300 classified documents, and there are still tens of thousands of documents to be reviewed. She also turned over a USB drive containing over fifty-thousand emails to her attorney, who has no security clearance, or approved means of securing the classified data.

While Hillary has no direct involvement in this important call to action to help Major Brezler, she serves as a clear example of how WE the PEOPLE have allowed our government to go rouge, with those who have been elected to serve us, believing they are the ruling class with a different set of rules and standards for them than the rest of us… After all, we are but the servants to the Royal families.

To give you some background on the case with Major Brezler, so you have a little knowledge before you launch a full on assault on your elected officials and other appointed God’s, I will give you an overview from the beginning, to the extent I am familiar with the situation.

maxresdefaultIn 2010, Maj. Brezler was serving at a Forward Operating Base in NawZad District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. During his time at the FOB, there was an Afghan District Police Chief by the name of Sarwar Jan. Maj. Brezler had come to the conclusion that this Sarwar Jan was not the sort of upstanding citizen one might expect a Police Chief to be, at least not in any civilized society.

Major Brezler determined that Sarwar Jan was a kiddy diddler who liked to rape little kids and was running a child kidnapping ring, acquiring “tea boys” with the help of U.S. taxpayer job development money. Jan was also involved in trafficking drugs and arms, while helping facilitate attacks by the Taliban and would sell Afghan police uniforms to them. The Police Chief was a pathetic, perverted dirt bag!

Sarwar Jan was the protégé of a well-known drug lord though, with connections at the highest level within the Afghan government… Afghan President Hamid Karzai, a first rate dirt bag in his own right, making a fortune off the American taxpayer. Jan apparently figured he could operate with impunity with such connections… He was about to find out his connections were no match against one highly motivated Marine on a mission!

Major Brezler, being a man of impeccable integrity, was not about to turn a blind eye and allow this scum to conduct business in the same space he occupied, so began a relentless campaign to have Sarwar Jan removed from his position as the Police Chief. Major Brezler’s pertinacity ultimately paid off and he was able to convince the Provincial Governor to remove Sarwar Jan from his position as the Police Chief in the bloodiest province, during the bloodiest year of the war. I’m sure the little pervert was quite a bit surprised and not happy about this. LOL

OK, so that is where this mess all began. During Major Brezler’s tour of duty, he prepared quite a dossier on Sarwar Jan, to ensure there was a record available.

Major Brezler returned home to the States, left active duty, began his job with the New York City Fire Department, and continued his education. He was in graduate school and on July 25, 2012, while sitting in class with his laptop open, he receives an email from Marine Major Andrew Terrell. Maj. Brezler had served with him on his last deployment to Afghanistan in 2010.

Major Brezler is befuddled as he stares at the subject line that reads,


Major Brezler would later testify, “My reaction was visceral, and just seeing his name brought me great concern.”

Major Brezler opened the email from Maj. Terrell to find the following message:

“Jason, I just got an email from one of my friends in Afghanistan; he just met Sarwar Jan. he is looking for anything we have on him. Do you still have that paper Larissa wrote on this guy in Now Zad? It could be very helpful. Anything you can think of would be useful. Thanks brother, Andrew.”

bilde-300x180Major Brezler had kept a copy of a report on Sarwar Jan, prepared by a Marine Intelligence Officer with information Maj. Brezler had provided. He had this report, along with other operational information on his personal laptop he used while deployed. Those of you familiar with the Marine Corps know that we are like the little bastard child of the armed forces. They budget enough to give us each a rifle, a few rounds of ammo, and a first aid kit. Anything after that is a hand-me-down, or something we purchased with our own money. The Marine Corps had not issued Maj. Brezler a laptop while deployed, so he used his own.

Since returning from his deployment and returning to school, Maj. Brezler had purchased a new laptop. I can imagine what his must have looked like after a deployment in Afghanistan. When he purchased his new laptop, he had copied everything from the drive on his old laptop to the new one, so when he got the email, he performed a global search of the new drive.

BINGO! The search located the report on Sarwar Jan! Without any thought or hesitation, he sent the report to the email address Maj. Terrell had provided for the Marine in Afghanistan. He gave no thought to the documents classification. “I just reacted the same way I would in a gun fight; the same way I would at a fire,” he said in the court papers. “I just immediately reacted.” I imagine had Major Brezler consulted Hillary, he might have said something like… Oh, I don’t know… “I never sent anything that was “marked” classified at the time it was sent.” LOL

After sending the email, Maj. Brezler checked with the Marine in Afghanistan to make sure they received the email. After some time had passed and he received no response, he sent another email. This time the Marine in Afghanistan responded, saying Maj. Brezler had sent him a classified document via a private civilian account on an unsecured server. (It’s a good thing Hillary didn’t do something like this while serving as Secretary of State… Oh, wait… She did!)

7792076316_76f3b7791eMajor Brezler emailed the Marine back and said, “I had it on a hard drive from NawZad and it was the only way to get it to you. Andy said you need it.”

Major Brezler sensed the Marine in Afghanistan was taking it as a breach of security. Maj. Brezler being a Naval Academy graduate still lived by their honor code, so during his lunch break he called a superior in the Marine Corps to report himself.

Major Brezler testified that the first time he tried to contact his superior he got his voice mail, so he went back to class and during his next break reached out to the superior again. This time he made contact and a series of notifications followed. Maj. Brezler made no excuses to the superior.

Two weeks after sending the report, Maj. Brezler got another message, this time from the Intelligence Officer, Larissa Mihalisko, who helped prepare the report on Sarwar Jan. The subject line this time read:

“Sarwar Jan strikes again”

The message he received read,

“Tragic story for you. Sarwar Jan…brought 9—yes count it NINE—chai boys (excuse me personal servants) with him. One of them decided to go nuts and killed a bunch of Marines yesterday.”

Major Brezler called his superior again to let him know his worst fears had come to fruition. His superior simply responded, “I guess you were right.”

Major Brezler ended up being reprimanded for the security breach, and things seemed to be resolved. That is until Maj. Brezler learned that the families of the three murdered Marines, SSgt. Scott Dickinson, Cpl. Richard Rivera, Jr., and LCpl. Gregory Buckley Jr., were having trouble getting the full story behind the killings.

Rivera0These families are entitled by law to this information. Perhaps the Marine Corps did not want them to find out they had been warned of the threat, or maybe they did not want them to find out that no effort to investigate how, or why this kiddy diddlin dirt bag, Sarwar Jan, was allowed on a military base after Maj. Brezler had exposed him for what he was on his last deployment.

When Maj. Brezler learned of the difficulty the families were having, he sought the advice of a retired FDNY firefighter who had lost two sons in the 9-11 attack. The retired firefighter was able to put Maj. Brezler in touch with Congressman Peter King (R-NY).

Major Brezler had received an official reprimand for his breach of security that was a result of sending the classified email to Afghanistan. His Commanding Officer saw no reason to pursue the matter any further, and the investigating Officer from his headquarters command recommended the case be closed, with no disciplinary action.

These decisions were made after an assessment of the email by those in Afghanistan determined any intelligence “spillage” was of no military importance and recommended that the email report he sent be declassified. The military analyst who wrote the report concurred. This was all behind him – so he thought!

Major Brezler’s meeting with Congressman King, was more than one year after his warning of Sarwar Jan was ignored and the Marines were killed. No investigation was ever conducted into why his warning and evidence of Sarwar Jan’s perverted, criminal behavior was ignored. No one ever questioned who, or why someone allowed this dirt bag onto a U.S. Military base, with no less than nine young children he was sexually molesting. These things apparently were of no concern to the powers that be. It is hard to believe anyone wonders how corrupt government officials in Afghanistan operate so flagrantly.

What seemed like an almost immediate response to Maj. Brezler’s visit to Congressman King, the Naval Investigative Service initiated an inquiry. It seemed immediate because it was! I have actually heard Rumors that General Amos was behind rekindling the flames that initiated the investigation. Of course, no one will ever admit that this was done in retaliation to Maj. Brezler speaking with Congressman King… That would be a crime, since his right to speak with his Congressman is protected by law.

For those that do not recognize the name of that General, Gen. Amos was the 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps, who held the position from October 2010 to October 2014. During his tenure he was the subject of much controversy, relieved a number of Marine Officers from command, had a number of allegations levied against him for abuse of power in misconduct cases, and on his way out, there was a great deal of controversy about his resume and whether he had lied to Congress during his confirmation hearing. To the best of my knowledge, none of the allegations ever stuck to him, but it’s hard to ignore the appearance.


the NCIS imitated an inquiry, Maj. Brezler willingly allowed the agents to search his residence and examine his computer. This was done on October 17, 2012. The agents left his residence without discovering any classified material.

After the agents left, Maj. Brezler remembered he had an external hard drive that he had brought back from Afghanistan with him, which the agents overlooked during their search. Maj. Brezler, a man of honor who believes in honesty and integrity, immediately notified the agents and turned the drive over to them for inspection.

When the NCIS Agents closed their investigation, they wrote:

“There is no allegation that Major Brezler was unauthorized to receive these documents in the first instance, or any evidence of additional spillage of these documents.”

The case was closed without any criminal referral. Agents even remarked in the case file that Major Brezler showed remarkable cooperation and transparency. Something I am sure we will not see in any file on Hillary Clinton.

Most people might think this was all settled now and that the last thing Maj. Brezler had to worry about was this case involving the email he sent to Afghanistan two years ago… Wrong again!

For some bizarre, unknown reason, Marine Col. Michael LeSavage took it upon himself to lodge a negative evaluation against Maj. Brezler for his alleged security infractions. (Does anyone else sense there must be someone encouraging people to nail this Major?) Protocol requires another Commander issue the evaluation. Lt. Col. Daniel Whisnant, who reportedly considered Brezler one of his best Officers and recommended him for promotion, must have pulled the short straw.

Some observers believe the current Reserve Commander, Lt. Gen Richard Mills is the one responsible for pushing this forward. The Generals predecessor was Lt. Gen George Flynn, whose son-in-law happens to be Maj. Donlon, who sent the email inquiry to Brezler with the subject line “IMPORTANT: SARWAR JAN IS BACK!!!”

Since the NCIS investigation substantiated the mishandling of classified information, Maj. Brezler has been ordered to show cause for retention in the United States Marine Corps before a Board of Inquiry. For you civilians, that means they are trying to kick him out of the Marine Corps. After all, why retain a Marine Officer who has demonstrated such concern for others and displayed such integrity, honesty, and honor. On top of that, he only served four combat tours and was awarded the Bronze Star.

Seriously, why would anyone overlook a mistake as serious as sending a document that no longer warranted classification via email. A document he sent out because of grave concern for the safety of Marines with a perverted, corrupt Afghan Police Chief, with a history of aiding the enemy among them. [Heavy emphasis on sarcasm]

Major Brezler has had a long line of Marine Officers and Enlisted Marines come forward in his defense to tell of his superb leadership qualities and abilities. He has also had members of the NYC Fire Department vouch for his integrity and dedication to public service.

10505347_744904608885148_3981213269236106195_nThere are more details of testimony given by Maj. Brezler and his supporters available online, and there is a Facebook page to honor the Marines killed that Maj. Brezler was trying to save by warning the command in Afghanistan. It is the LCpl. Greg Buckley Jr., Community page. I will post the link below.

I am going to provide links below to the social media accounts for the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of Defense, as well as links you can use to locate your Congressional representatives and Senators.

I want to encourage everyone to reach out to these people and let them know how you feel about this situation. I am not asking you to agree or disagree with my position, but I am asking that you INSIST the laws of this country are applied FAIRLY to EVERYONE! I would ask you to INSIST that if Hillary Clinton is permitted to send and received highly sensitive documents that could cause grave damage to our national security, that everyone is allowed to build their own servers and send whatever they please.

If you do get the impression Major Brezler has been and is being treated unfairly and do not want to see a fine, battle tested Marine Officer kicked to the curb, then please, make that known as well!

It is long past time for us American’s to remind those in public office that this nation’s founders formed a government OF the PEOPLE and that they specifically stated in our founding documents that the authority was to flow from the people to the government, NOT the government to the people.

Stand up and be heard!… ATTACK!


Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus: 

Office of the Secretary of the Navy
1000 Navy Pentagon, Room 4D652
Washington, DC 20350

For media inquiries please send e-mail to:secnavpa.fct@navy.mi

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SecretaryoftheNavy

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/secnav

The following direct points of contact are provided if you need additional assistance with your Navy inquiry:
Director, Congressional Information and Public Affairs, (703) 695-0395
Deputy director, (703)695-9359

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter:

Ash Carter
Secretary of Defense

1000 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1000

Telephone Number: 703-571-3343

FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SECDEF

Secretary of Defense Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/USSECDEF

Department of Defense Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/DeptofDefense

Wife’s Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/momofmac

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