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Chelsea Clinton Gives Advice On Success To Aspiring Business Women. Seriously, I’m NOT Kidding! {{VIDEO}}

Chelsea Clinton


This is no joke… OK, maybe it is a joke, at least it has had be laughing since I first heard about this. LOL

Apparently the “successful” young Chelsea Clinton is now giving interviews and sharing her vast knowledge and experience in corporate America as a successful businesswoman, with young women seeking wisdom and mentoring.

The Powerful And Influential Attend Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

The interview she is giving in the video below is with an organization called Levo, a female-oriented online leadership training and mentoring program that connects women in business with other, more famous women in business.

As you can tell from the description of Levo, the young Ms. Chelsea Clinton is a perfect guest for such an organization to have for an interview. After all, few women have been as successful as her.

The very first job the young Ms. Clinton held was as a management consultant bringing in $120k a year. It is rare you find someone as young as her right out of school with the kind of experience you expect from a consultant. On fact, the firm she was working for typically required a MBA and experience to draw that kind of annual salary.

And of course most are aware of where her successful career went after the consultant job… The executives over at NBC could not help but note the amazing success the bright young lady was having, so they quickly enticed her to join their newsroom for a $600K a year position producing human interest stories.


You may remember a couple of the more notable stories she had to her credit, such as the one about Folk Music in the Ozarks, or the ever so popular show on the Geico Gecko’s climb to a well recognized celebrity.

Now you may have thought, WOW when I mentioned that $600K annual salary NBC was paying her, but we all know generosity and charity runs through the Clinton’s veins, so she made it well known that she would donate most her salary to charity… Specifically the Clinton Foundation her parents had set up, that was so well known for all the good done around the world in the Clinton name.

I’m sure you will enjoy and find the video below quite interesting…

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you… The Washington post looked into the money she donated to charity in preparation for a story they were going to do on the successful young Ms. Chelsea Clinton. They are still looking for proof she donated anything at all to them.. All they could find with her name on it was a very expensive wedding… 🙂

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  1. I heard her Advice an… NO WAY!!! WOW!!! REALLY?? She said… Ask for a Raise??? LMAO!! So Instead of all those women out there taking College Courses On how to make a Businesses run smoother.. They should just ask for a Raise??? LMAO!! WOW!!! What a Moron…

  2. First you have to have criminal parents that pay you 600,000 taken from people”s donations to help disasters.(which they never see). And get paid for stupid speeches that are all lies.

  3. I couldn’t get pass the fact that they both look like bobble heads to watch the whole video

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