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National Concealed Carry Labelled A “Security Blanket” By MSM

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The entire “gun control” debate really has always been a war of words. Advocates for stripping citizens of their right to defend themselves with a firearm are famous for twisting words and stretching truths. Actual proof that guns by themselves don’t kill people rather than people using guns to kill other people never seems to sway them. There is always some slam against law-abiding gun owners.

The latest insult in this game of self-righteousness comes to the fruited plain, or flyover country, if you will, from CBS.

During the February 11 airing of 60 Minutes, CBS News described guns as a flyover county “security blanket” that could become coastal cities’ worst nightmare.

“Security blanket”? Seriously? Just because firearm-related deaths in places where concealed carry is allowed has not born out the results that those opposed to it promised would happen, carrying a firearm is a “security blanket.”

The context of this ridiculousness is actually national reciprocity when it comes to concealed carry of firearms. A bill passed the House of Representatives in December that essentially says those with permits to carry concealed can do it nationwide, not just in the states where the permits were issued.

Thomas’ statement gives the impression that national reciprocity allows people to carry who otherwise would not be able to do so. But this is a play on words. In reality, individuals who passed a background check to acquire a permit in Nevada have demonstrated they are legally able to carry. The reason they might not get a permit in San Francisco is because of gun control, not because of failing to show a clean criminal record.

California is actually a perfect example for why national reciprocity is needed, because law-abiding Californians who demonstrate a lack of criminal record are nonetheless denied a concealed carry permit on grounds that they cannot show “good cause” for having one. (In other words, being law-abiding is not enough. In California you have to persuade the local sheriff that you are under duress, facing danger if unarmed.)

All of this put together demonstrates how petty and ridiculous the fight to get Americans to give up their firearms voluntarily has become. It’s a war of words, not the result of actual evidence that firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens is a problem.

And the people at CBS seem to think we out in flyover country don’t know the difference.



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