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President Trump Puts Most Controversial Strategist On the Street!


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President Trump has finally done what many have been demanding since he first hired Stephen Bannon as his Presidential Campaigns Chief Executive Officer, who he then took to the White House with him to serve as his Chief Strategist… He terminated him!

While I think Mr. Bannon has been overly criticized by people who have formed opinions of his character without the slightest evidence, Mr. Bannon, who we have hardly heard speak two sentences since Candidate Trump hired him, finally spoke and of all the people he could have spoke to, it was a liberal journalist.

According to liberal journalist Robert Kuttner, Bannon contacted him unexpectedly and unloaded on him about the President’s North Korea policy, his plans to reshuffle State Department personnel, and a slew of negative comments about others who worked at the White house with him.

President Trump recently indicated he was unsure of Mr. Bannon’s future with the Administration, but that they were good friends and Mr. Bannon was a decent man who was unfairly portrayed by the news media—the FAKE NEWS media.

It will be interesting to see how much media attention is given to this over the weekend. The mainstream media seems to get stuck on whatever they believe will do the most damage to President Trump’s character and stick to it until something else comes along they will believe does more damage.

They started with the Russian collusion story, moved on to obstruction of justice, and since the recent incident in Charlottesville, Virginia, his greatest sin seems to be lack of moral character… One swamp rat is even going to submit articles of impeachment citing his lack of moral character necessary to lead the nation.

Can you believe that ANY liberal Democrat has the audacity to attack anyone for moral character? I can’t think of a single Democrat President in recent history that would have been eligible to maintain office and I’m not sure is a single liberal Democrat in the Congress or Senate to maintain their seat if that were a requirement.

Pray for our President and DO NOT give into these communist liberals! If they can not win an election, then as their idol Hussein Obama always used to say… Elections have consequences and it’s time they start accepting that with some dignity!

SemperFi, ~SGT A~

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—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

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SemperFi, SGT A

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