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Deputies Laugh As TORTURED Inmate Dies In Front Of Them


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This is another one of those things that I hate to write about but I hate that there are men and women in law enforcement that will conduct themselves the way these clowns do.

This is actually one of the common scenarios that I wrote about in an article I did on the problems with the mental health care system if you are interested you can read about it here.

The man in this video suffered from schizophrenia and was no stranger to these San Luis Obispo County Deputies, he had been in and out of their custody for years.

His name is Andrew Holland and he is 36-years-old. He has been battling schizophrenia since he was in his early 20’s and while locked up many times over the years it was always for minor infractions resulting from the sort of erratic behavior that is common for schizophrenics.

Schizophrenics commonly experience mental confusion, hallucinations, paranoia, excitability, aggression, and hostility. This is not something they can control and is much different than your typical mood disorder like depression or anxiety seen in just about every household in America these days.

People with schizophrenia that is not controlled actually believe their paranoia, or the messages they believe they are getting from God. They can become a very real danger to themselves and others around them, but there should be some understanding by those in law enforcement that it is an illness they can’t control and no amount of beating, choking, or time strapped to a chair sitting in their feces for days on end will make them listen or comply with their commands in the way a person who is functioning mentally will.

Most normal people, no matter how mad they are, will tone it down after spending an hour or two in a chair like they had Mr. Holland strapped into. The things are made of a hard plastic material and molded so that once someone is secured into them they can’t move at all.

There are plenty of tried and true medications available that will bring a Schizophrenic back to reality and calm them down and a judge had ordered that Mr. Holland be evaluated by a physiatrist.  If they had to restrain him to get him to the hospital that would have been one thing, but they left him tied down in the chair naked and made to urinate and defecate all over himself for some 46 hours.

When he was removed from the chair and placed face down on the floor his human waste covered the floor prompting them to move him to another cell where he was left with nothing but a blanket on a concrete floor.

He had asked for help numerous times but was ignored. He can be seen standing up at one point, then falling back onto the concrete floor after what looked like a mild convulsion of sorts, then lay there until dead.

He could be seen having trouble breathing, but the Deputies found it entertaining as they can be seen walking up to the glass windows to watch him slowly dying to laugh, pointing and joking about the life slowly leaving the man in their prison cell.

Mr. Holland’s death occurred on January 22, 2017. Local media reports that the restraint chair is no longer being used in the jail and the family has since been awarded a $5 million dollar settlement and have used the money to establish a nonprofit that advocates for the rights of the mentally ill.

What has not been revealed is who was punished for taking part in Mr. Holland’s death. I hope the family does not back off and insist that all deputies involved are terminated and charged criminally. They should be in my humble opinion.

Let me know your thoughts after you watch the video below. Thanks!

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