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Dolly Parton SLAMS Nightline Correspondent, Chely Wright And CMA Take Note

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I recently published an article that contained a scathing response to Country Singer Chely Wright, a self-proclaimed LGBTQ activist, who was a driving force in having Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee removed from the Country Music Associations Board for being a devout believer in Jesus Christ and supporting the National Rifle Association… Two things that are apparently no longer consistent with the values upheld in the Nashville Country Music industry.

Say goodbye to the days of Hank Williams, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, George Strait, and Johnny Cash when the artist in the industry would walk on stage wearing a cowboy hat and boots clinging to a Bible with pearl handle six-shooters hangin’ on their hips… Here come the modern day performers wearing rainbow T-shirts, pink tutus and lipstick with LGBTQ tattooed on their knuckles…

Not everyone in Nashville has been neutered though… One old-school performer, a real class act, and truly honorable woman, Dolly Parton… Someone who has never been shy about her faith in Jesus Christ, known for at least two very nice reasons, in one brief interview on ABC Nightline with David Wright demonstrated to the world how a true entertainer should conduct themselves when someone tries to pull them into a divisive political debate.

During the interview, David Wright was discussing her movie, an American classic “9 to 5”, where she and her female co-stars worked for the stereotypical sexist boss when he tried to pull her into a modern-day political debate in an attempt to… Wait for it… Get her to say something disparaging about President Trump.

Dolly quickly let him know he was barking up the wrong tree and that she was not going to talk politics with him. When David Wright replied stating that he might still ask, Dolly told him straight up, go right ahead, but I’ll tell you where to put it. LOL

Dolly goes on to tell him that she, of course, has opinions on everyone and everything but that she is an entertainer, not a politician… I hope other entertainers see this and realize they should stay in their lane too.

Chely Wright and many other entertainers could lean a LOT from the way Dolly Parton handled this interview. Have a look and let me know what you think in the comments!

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