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Don Rickles, KING Of Insults, Dies At 90

Don Rickles


Don Rickles, the lightning fast king of insults that developed his skill as a comic under fire by hecklers.

Don Rickles, often referred to as “Mr. Warmth,” back when Americans understood sarcasm and didn’t need a safe space to retreat to every time an insult landed in their lap.

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Don Rickles served time in the Navy, where I image he developed his skill as a smart a^$ hanging around Marines. 🙂

It was Frank Sinatra who discovered and gave him his big break in 1957. Frank Sinatra just happened to be sitting in the front row at one of Don Rickles comedy shows.

Don Rickles was known as good man and devoted husband—to his wife :-)—when not performing, but is said to have been ruthless and unforgiving when performing and no one ever escaped his insults.

He was the go to man for celebrity roast and you were not considered to have made it in showbiz back in his day, until Don Rickles had a shot at humiliating you with his insults.

People enjoyed his good humored sarcasm though and while most people want to avoid a front row seat in a comedy club, people would rush to them when Don Rickles was performing just for the opportunity to be the brunt of his jokes.

in 1985, when Frank Sinatra was asked to perform at Ronald Reagan’s second Inaugural Ball, he insisted that Don Rickles come along to perform a comedy routine. President Reagan received no special treatment from Don Rickles either, at one point he looked at President Reagan and asked, “Am I going too fast for you, Ronnie?”

Don Rickles was 90-years-old

Born: May 08, 1926

Died: April 06, 2017





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