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FBI Agents Hit Massive Cover-Up Investigating The Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas Shooting

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So far in the history of mass shootings in America, it remains the most deadly, and the one for which there are no answers coming from law enforcement. The incident in question is the October 1, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas for which a single gunman is currently blamed, Stephen Paddock, despite a number of bizarre circumstances around the event that put the conclusion in doubt:

  • Closed circuit TV footage from the Mandalay Bay Hotel has never been made available to the public, so there is no way to know if Paddock really did go into a suite with no one else present to shoot the place up all by himself.
  • Several witnesses who claimed that there was more than one shooter have perished in car accidents and other convenient but deadly incidents, and the videos of their first hand testimony to those claims have been scrubbed from the internet.
  • Law enforcement officers are not allowed to talk about the shooting, period. It is one thing to keep quiet about ongoing investigations, but the lid on talk regarding Las Vegas is almost at black hole levels.

Then there is the matter that ISIS claimed Paddock converted to Islam and did the shooting as part of a cell of internal terrorists that would cause the national law enforcement apparatus to have to change paradigms when hunting the bad guys. This is the version of events famed anti-Islam pundit Pamela Gellar believes is the real explanation following an “insider” article from True Pundit that draws no conclusions itself, but discusses the bizarreness of the FBI’s actions surrounding the shooting.

The real truth about what happened in Las Vegas may never be known. It may well be none of the above as those who populate the online conspiracy discussion boards believe. Whatever is the case, there is a shroud draped over the narrative of the Las Vegas shooting that rivals the security of missile silos. That being the case, the truth is still out there.



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  1. Funny how Soros sold his hotel stock right before the shooting. Think about that.

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