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VIDEO: Federal Security Guard SLAMS Elderly Veteran To The Ground


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 Video Below

The video below is absolutely infuriating in more ways than one to me…

What you are about to watch is a video of an elderly Vietnam Veteran who has to use a walker to move around is physically picked up out of his seat in this Phoenix Social Security Office, pushed through the door then shoved to the ground.

When the elderly veteran was shoved to the ground his head slammed into the concrete knocking him out. The overweight Federal Security Officer stands over the elderly veterans head but does not even kneel down to check for a pulse or attempt any sort of first aid.

Now the actions of the Federal Security Officer are despicable and enough to infuriate everyone, but I am as equally furious at the bystanders who do nothing but film the horrific incident with their cell phones and make nasty comments to the Federal Security Officer.

One woman, who was most likely an employee of the Social Security Administration, can be heard telling the woman narrating the video that the Federal Security Officer was just doing his job.

Unfortunately, we see way too many veterans being treated like this by overly aggressive Police Officers, Security Guards, Airline Attendants, etc.,… And veteran or not, there is no excuse to treat an elderly person in the manner we see this Federal Security Officer doing.

I will never understand how others present when something like this takes place can just stand by and do nothing but turn their video cameras on… God help the young slob who tries to treat the elderly like this Federal Security Officer did if I am present… He would have developed some serious knee problems or found himself unable to breathe as I climbed up his back and choked up out.

Sadly we live in a world where people are more concerned about shooting the next viral video than coming to the aid of one another…

The language used by this Federal Security Officer is not suitable for children so if you have any little ones next to you it might be best to watch it when they are not in earshot or to turn down the volume.

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—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

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  1. This article and the video introduction is giving a false narrative. The actions of the individual were disgusting at best, but also showed that the person was not a federal employee, but a private security company contract employee. It would be better served to point out the lack of contract oversight and training as the contract would be administered by Federal Protective service which is a security and law enforcement entity of Homeland Security. FPS is charged with the security and law enforcement for Federal Property under control of General Services Administration (GSA). It is obvious from the video the person only obtained the minimum training requirement for the State Security Officer license (Guard Card) and the contract company obviously failed to enforce more advanced training for this person.

  2. First, that FF could never serve in anything and should be fired! Second, it looks like our government does not care if it’s citizens are swindled or any poor person over pays for anything. However they (Government) has NO issue over paying for medications, investigations that produce nothing and our homeless vets not having or getting proper care , but do at the drop of a pin, look to throw someone in jail if they don’t comply with anything! It’s beyond me why all this happens

  3. Someone should have knocked that fat bastard on his ass. Show him just how tough he really is.

  4. That fat fuck better hope I never woke up if that was me on the ground. God created man.
    Colt made them legal. Browning made.some more legal ..

  5. So what happened to this fat piece of shit

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