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First Lady Showdown: Melania Trump Vs Angelica Rivera

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Few people will argue that America has ever had a finer looking First Lady than Melania Trump. Beauty is just one feature though, she is a woman with class and many say after eight years of Moochele there is a heightened level of eloquence back in the White House.

Melania is not the only beautiful first lady with a realm of eloquence that follows her though. Just on the other side of President Trump’s future border wall is the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena, who is married to Angelica Rivera and like Melania, she is HOT!

Both of these first ladies were successful models before becoming First Ladies and both of these beautiful women come under constant fire from jealous citizens of their perspective nations… Like they say these days… Haters gonna hate!

I have no idea how these ladies feel about one another, but given the personalities of their husbands, my bet is if they ever meet, the two men will put a great deal of pressure on their wives to look their best and keep them close as if to project my trophy is better looking than your trophy message to one another. LOL

I’m sure if any feminist read this I will get lots of hate mail, but here is your chance to make it known who you believe has the finest looking First Lady… I have put together a slideshow of various pictures you can review and then select your choice of the winner in the poll beneath the slideshow.

I had to leave the more provocative pictures out there out of the slideshow because advertisers get upset when we display things like that… There are plenty you can find on google though is you want to see the images with more skin… But I am confident everyone reading this loved the late Hugh Hefner for the fine articles in his magazine and could care less about the more revealing photos… 🙂


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