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Former CIA Chief ATTACKS Trump Issuing STERN Warning To Him

Former CIA Chief

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It was one of the moves that those who follow the swamp dealings had been waiting for for months. After gestating an investigation for what seemed to be forever, Attorney General Jeff Sessions actually fired disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Yes. In one of the few visible forward motion movements out of the Trump Administration when it comes to draining the swamp, McCabe lost his job less than 48 hours before his retirement was to take effect and his pension released to him. Sessions managed to milk the entire episode for quite a number of news days.

The event didn’t go over all that well with the permanent government apparatus, though. The Washington spin machine went into overdrive after the duel statements from both Sessions and McCabe, and the swamp dwellers surfaced to either condemn the move or celebrate it. President Donald Trump chose to celebrate it. And Barack Obama’s CIA head, John Brennan, who was shown the door when the new administration came to power, took to Twitter to try to take his head off for it.

Actually, America is doing quite well under Donald Trump’s direction despite the foot dragging from Congress on implementing his agenda via the few things that need to be done legislatively. The people have a popular tax package that put more money into middle class households for basic needs. Trade is being treated like a national security issue and unfair tariffs levied by other nations on American goods are now seeing recipricol action. ISIS is contained. Manufacturing is returning, as well as the base industries of steel and aluminum production that were exported under the previous three presidents.

Where does John Brennan have the moral high ground to accuse Trump of moral turpitude and corruption beyond that which we already know. It’s not like the man wasn’t thoroughly vetted for decades before he ran for president. His life was an open book. Yeah, he had to make deals as a developer in New York City that might well be seen in a bad light….

Brennan, go find a corner and suck your thumb. Trump’s got this.



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