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FOX News NO SPIN ZONE, The O’Reilly Factor, Spinning Out Of Control! Advertisers FLEEING FAST!

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Could it be that Bill O’Reilly, host of the Fox News O’Reilly Factor, the number one nightly talk show host for the past 20 years, is spinning out of control?

There is one industry that essentially finances all forms of media in America… The advertising industry!

Radio, television, print, and internet media all depend on advertising to finance them and when advertisers begin to flee to avoid associating themselves with you… Then the end is near!

In the past few weeks, no less that nine companies have pulled their advertising from the Fox News Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin Zone, The O’Reilly factor. This came about after a number of women accused Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment and a report in the New York Times that Fox News and Bill O’Reilly paid out about $13 million in settlements that covered complaints by five of O’Reilly’s previous female colleagues.

This set off a chain reaction that caused several automakers to immediately pull advertising from the O’Reilly Factor’s evening time slot. Included in the advertisers that abandoned Bill O’Reilly, were Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai.

“The allegations are disturbing and, given the importance of women in every aspect of our business, we don’t feel this is a good environment in which to advertise our products right now,” Mercedes-Benz spokeswoman Donna Boland told CNN, which first reported the company’s decision to pull advertising on Monday.

Hyundai announced its decision late Monday night.

“As a company we seek to partner with companies and programming that share our values of inclusion and diversity,” a Hyundai spokesman said.

Emily Steel, an author of the Times’ investigation, reported Hyundai’s full statement on Twitter.

BuzzFeed News reached out to about 50 companies that advertise on “The O’Reilly Factor” and confirmed Tuesday that automaker BMW, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare and marketing company Constant Contact had pulled commercials.

Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline also told BuzzFeed that it has temporarily pulled advertising.

“We are continually reviewing our advertising to ensure it is conducted in a responsible manner aligned with our values,” a GSK spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

Insurance company Allstate, the men’s clothing line Untuckit and pet food company Ainsworth Pet Nutrition all confirmed Tuesday that they are withdrawing commercials from the show, NBC News reported.

“Inclusivity and support for women are important Allstate values,” Allstate spokesman Justin Herndon told the network. “We are concerned about the issues surrounding the program and we have suspended our advertising.”

Bill O’Reilly actually does a LOT of good things for veterans and others in need… He gives more to charity in a year than most make in a lifetime… I hope he gets this resolved and gets himself right..

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