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General Kelly An American Patriot – BACK OFF Liberals

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For the past several days I have been listening to the talking heads debate if General Kelly should resign or be fired—WHY!?

It is obnoxiously clear that the Democrats and liberal media want to see President Trump’s administration look as bad as possible in the public eye, even if that means attacking a Marine Corps General who served more than 40 years and literally gave his son who was Killed In Action serving as a Marine in the War on Terror.

All of a sudden, because he is a true Patriot who would NOT have turned down any President, regardless of party, that asked him to serve his country he has become a racist, a bigot, xenophobic, and a misogynistic supporter of men who beat their women… GTFOH!

To begin with, if General Kelly were anything at all like they are trying to portray him in the liberal media today, he would have never attained the rank of Sergeant in the Marine Corps much less General and having been a part of the Marine Corps in his earlier years of service, I can tell you he would have been taken out behind the squad bay, or into the shower and schooled until he was black and blue by half the barracks while the other half kept an eye out for the duty officer had he ever displayed any of those traits.

General Kelly is currently serving as the President’s Chief of Staff… He is NOT an investigator with the Federal Bureau of Investigations responsible for conducting background investigations on anyone the President appoints or anyone who is hired by the Federal Government.

Those who are trying to hold him responsible for this creep Rob Porter being a wife beater are showing their ignorance BIGLY! People who beat their wives or girlfriends while not on the job do not carry a sign around with them that says “I beat my wife.” You can not distinguish them in the workplace from anyone else.

The current wave of people being exposed for sexual harassment IS happening in the workplace and unlike people who abuse their wives and girlfriends, people in the office can and do see their behavior taking place.

The truth is that men who abuse women are more often than not very good at deceiving people outside their home. Just like this creep Rob Porter, they leave everyone around them surprised when and if they are exposed for the creeps they are… Just like with Rob Porter those who work with them and even those who are friends with them always believe they are the nicest person they know… Someone that would do anything to help a friend…

What they do not know is that when no one is looking and all the guest have left his wonderful home believing the creep and his lovely wife are so happy together, the abuse begins… These are the kind of creeps that believe if their wife looks at someone instead of keeping her head down that they are cheating on them, or after a wonderful night with friends once everyone is gone his wife finds out she ate too much at dinner or wore too much lipstick, or her clothing was too revealing or tight… She learns this while being beaten.

Eventually, if the woman does not find the nerve to escape the abusive relationship, he goes too far and leaves visible bruises or injures her bad enough she needs medical attention, or in many cases ends up killing her.

Nobody, not even a squared away Marine Corps General can spot one of these men (and in some cases women) in a group of office workers. MAYBE, if the wife works in the same office others might begin to pick up on some of the clues, but that is rarely the case and certainly was not the case with this creep Rob Porter.

Apparently, some are saying that General Kelly was informed that Rob Porters security clearance was being held up because of allegations of spouse abuse, but having worked months with the creep who everyone says is highly intelligent, friendly and outgoing with everyone, a hard worker, and dating Hope Hicks, a highly respected staff member in the White House who sang praise for him why would he not give the creep the benefit of the doubt…

Rob Porter was not a Presidential appointee, he was a federal employee and you can not just fire a federal employee because of some possible allegations of anything. Sure, they could have reassigned him but why dump someone with a reputation as a valuable employee who is liked by everyone who shows no signs of being an abuser?

The minute the ex-wife released the pictures of his handy work though and they were seen by the White House and General Kelly, Rob Porter was GONE!

I’m sure everyone who worked with this creep is still taken back by what they have learned and cannot believe the coworker that they had such respect for is the creep he turned out to be.

These jackwagons in the mainstream media that have been continually running their sucks demeaning General Kelly need to have a sock shoved in their mouths… These are the same clowns who just recently lost a number of their co-workers for sexual harassment charges… Remember, sexual harassment is something people DO NOTICE in the workplace and every one of these talking heads was complicit in covering for their coworkers who were harassing and in some cases outright molesting women at work.

And just for the record, NONE of they can come close to being the man General Kelly is nor are any of them near as accomplished as he has been…

I’m standing with General Kelly and the President and if they ever need the help of a bunch of mostly overweight, busted up, hard-charging Marines from the 1stCivDiv, I’ll round a platoon of them up and be on the doorstep of the WhiteHouse with them in no time!

BACK OFF liberal media clowns!

SemperFi, ~SGT A~

Any officer can get by on his sergeants. To be a sergeant you have to know your stuff. I’d rather be an outstanding sergeant than just another officer.

—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

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