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Hillary Clinton Condones Sexual Harassment

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While pretending not to be Tammy Wynette and standing by her man the horndog known as Bill anyway, it seems that over the years Hillary Clinton has had a problem with men on her staff harassing women. One specific case to surface during the #MeToo campaign that had women from everywhere telling their stories of unwelcome sexual advances or harassment by men pertained to a member of Hillary’s 2008 campaign staff.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager at the time recommended that she fire the adviser, Burns Strider. But Mrs. Clinton did not. Instead, Mr. Strider was docked several weeks of pay and ordered to undergo counseling, and the young woman was moved to a new job.

Mr. Strider, who was Mrs. Clinton’s faith adviser, a co-founder of the American Values Network, and sent the candidate scripture readings every morning for months during the campaign, was hired five years later to lead an independent group that supported Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 candidacy, Correct the Record, which was created by a close Clinton ally, David Brock.

He was fired after several months for workplace issues, including allegations that he harassed a young female aide, according to three people close to Correct the Record’s management….

Those familiar with the accounts said that, over the years, a number of advisers urged Mrs. Clinton to sever ties with Mr. Strider, and people familiar with what took place did not want to see Mrs. Clinton blamed for the misconduct of men she was close to.

The New York Times is notorious for using anonymous sources for salacious headline stories. However, Hillary Clinton and her staff are usually not the recipients of this sort of treatment. In addition, the New York Times piece indicates that Burns had complaints registered against him with more than one employer and on more than one occasion.

This man is not a one-off harasser. His proclivity is a habit, and one that Hillary Clinton did not turn a blind eye to, but did not deal decisively with either. Sorry to tell the people who advised Mrs. Clinton and didn’t want her blamed for Burns’ misconduct, by not firing the man she is culpable.

Hypocrite much, Hillary?



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