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Iran Rant

The topic of my rant? IRAN! Those slimy turban wearing scum bags are doing just what I said they would do… Stabbing us in the back! They have NEVER honored an agreement with ANYONE and they are not about to start now! Why should they? They are only months, if not closer away from being a nuclear Iran! How can this administration not understand how serious that is? A nuclear Iran is not just a threat to the region, but a threat to the world! They must be stopped!

Today the Iranian regime has been on a campaign declaring the world has surrendered to them. Today they celebrated the death of the scum bag that was responsible for killing over 200 of my brother Marines in Beirut by placing a wreath on the dirt bags grave… The wreath was laid by the same man that shook hands with our commie loving Secretary of State on the agreement. So how has the administration responded to this? By proclaiming it does not matter what they say, but what they do. Can they really be that gullible? Do they really believe that Iran will talk all this trash, getting their entire nation pumped up on “Hate America Rhetoric” then go tell thousands of people running their nuclear facilities to shut them down? Not a chance!!!

Iran is doing anything and everything they can possibly do to create diversions so they can continue working on getting their first nuclear weapon built. I believe this administration is the only one that believes Iran is being on the level…

Most people are pretty certain Israel will strike Iran when they feel Iran is danger close to a nuclear weapon. The question is, will this administration support our closest ally in the region, if they require assistance after first strike? Israel has my prayers, someone has to prevent a nuclear Iran!


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