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Iraq, the Military Solution

So, President Obama keeps saying that there is no military solution to the situation in Iraq… I say BULL!

If the reason they can not maintain peace and stability in that region is because they can’t govern the people, then maybe, for the sake of world peace, it’s time we start adding stars to our flag! Perhaps it’s time we pull a Putin and start claiming land as ours!

I know, we have never been a country with a desire to rule globally, or to take land that was not ours. We have the proven power to do so, but that has never been something we have wanted to do.  I say to take control of a place like Iraq though, would not be out of a desire to dominate, but rather to save lives and put an end to the constant need to secure peace in the region.

Peace in the region is in our interest not just from a humanitarian stand point, but from a national security point as well… Most important though is that we are just sitting back watching hundreds of thousands of people brutally killed over the years… That alone is reason enough to take control and end the senseless killing of innocent people!

And if we don’t want to add a star to the flag, we could remain for a generation and help to civilly educate the next generation, then start putting a government of sensible people in place… It is clear though that they are just not capable of handling this task on their own.

I know this is a concept that may seem a bit outside the box so to speak, but technology and flight have brought us closer to our neighbors than ever before. Modern weapons, rockets, and missiles that can be programmed to hit targets thousands of miles away now exist and evil people can kill millions of innocent people a lot easier and faster than was once possible with swords and stones.

It seems fundamentally wrong to watch millions of innocent people killed, women raped, children tortured, etc., when we have the ability to stop such atrocities… Perhaps if the media would quit sanitizing the images American’s see of these things, the majority opinion would change.

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded, and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked…

There is a military solution… There is a humanitarian solution…


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2 Comments on "Iraq, the Military Solution"

  1. I’ll tell you why your idea won’t work: What you are justifiably trying to stop (killing of innocents) is not defined by a map, or a region, but is an idiology.
    The more you take from these people (power, land, arms) the more pain they feel, the unhappier they are, actually defines their purpose and brings them closer to their god. It will make it worse, and it will spread, like cutting a worm in half.
    YOu also don’t need to give them any more reasons to hate you (America).
    I wish this wasn’t the case, but as has been shown, the military might of the USA isn’t the correct way to fight people who hide in holes and ride goats.

    • Matt:

      Thanks for your comment and taking the time to read my Blog. I don’t disagree completely with what you have said, but believe it is time we start thinking outside the box looking for a solution.

      I believe one of the biggest problems we have in the region is education. A move such as I suggest here would require a commitment of at least a generation to work toward educating them and helping them to think in a more civil manner. Education and a western presence among the people so they could get to know us personally, instead of believing the stereotyped image of us they are raised to believe, just might have an impact on the way we are viewed by them in the future.

      Something other than this cycle of going in to quell the violence and killing every so often, then leaving them to start all over again, is just not working in my opinion. It would be great if all the civil nations in the world (What few still exist) would participate in some sort of plan as I suggest here, but I believe America does have the capability to pull it off. Should we? I’m not totally sold on it myself, but something needs to change.

      There is no reason in today’s connected world for those capable to sit back and watch/allow so much senseless killing anywhere.

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